HRC’s Tech Glitch Raises Privacy Concerns

Human Rights Campaign’s website needs some human eyes. Homo-journo Rex Wockner discovered a bit of a glitch in the non-profit’s system projects a bit of an identity crisis. Wockner explains:

(1) HRC’s automated system sends an action alert to Rex Wockner at his address. (2) Rex forwards it to his friend Sally Smith. (3) Sally clicks and is greeted with a variation on “Hello, Rex Wockner.” (4) Since Sally is not Rex, she fills in her correct information and completes the process of taking action. (5) HRC’s system then associates Rex’s e-mail address with Sally’s full name and her personal information, and starts sending Rex action alerts that begin with “Dear Sally.”

Wockner addressed the issue with HRC spokesman Trevor Thomas, who suggested that the email chain would be in “the same circle of friends,” but insisted the group will look into what Wockner calls a potentially embarrassing glitch.