HRW Fights Turkey’s Anti-Gay Ways

Human Rights Watch ain’t monkeying around with Turkey.

The international non-profit today blasted the nation’s government for an April raid on gay group Lambda Istanbul. On April 7th, Turkish officials reportedly raided Lambda’s main base on grounds that the group “facilitates prostitution, acts as a go-between [and] provides a place for [prostitution].” Then, ten days later, Lambda was in court defending itself against the government’s immorality charges. Now, HRW’s coming out to fight for the gays.

Said activist Scott Long:

What’s really immoral is the Istanbul authorities’ campaign against Lambda Istanbul for protecting the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. The government should reform laws that allow officials to harass groups like Lambda Istanbul in order to guarantee everyone’s human rights.

The government, we’re sure, couldn’t care less…