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  • Gregg

    Queerty has had some great, news worthy features over the last couple of days! Great work. Interesting info that impacts our lives. Thank you!!!!!

  • Jack Jett

    He is a self indulgent circus freak and should be treated as such.

  • Kid A

    “I’ve had people who are gay who worked on my staff..”

    The jokes write themselves.

  • dvlaries

    Mike’s two sons, John and David are only going to be, respectively, 31 and 28 this year. Seen pictures of them? Neither could possibly weight less than 340 pounds, and if remain on the same path, there’s likely a CCU ward in the future of both before he’s 45. I wonder if Dad spends commensurate alarm on that far closer matter as he does the lives of gay folks and the possibility of gay marriage.

  • meh

    well the gay lifestyle ISNT normal is it?

  • Pinky Bear

    I wanna be your President and make laws to further lock you into the closet.

  • Pinky Bear

    PS. Tyra–I hate you.

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