Jack Jett Blasts Republican's HIV/AIDS Statements

“Huckabee May Have Lost Weight, But He’s Still A Pig.”

Millions of homos and heteros are incensed over Mike Huckabee’s recent comments about HIV/AIDS, including HIV positive queer Jack Jett. Read what he had to say about the Republican presidential candidate, after the jump…

When 16 -year old Mike Huckabee first joined the world of religious show business, he astonished his congregation by turning a gallon of water into a gallon of wine. It wasn’t really wine, of course, but red water. Never mind that Huckabee lifted this lesson from a chemistry class, the goal was to, as Billy Flynn would say, “razzle-dazzle them, and they’ll make you a star”.

Now Preacher Huck has taken his act on the road and receives rave review for his politically-minded one liners. His recent zinger about “Jesus was too smart to ever run for President” had a republican audience and political pundits laughing hysterically as if they had just seen the second coming of Rodney Dangerfield.

The mainstream and liberal press have been fawning all over the Preacher man for months. We all love it when fat people get thin, i.e. Star Jones, Oprah Winfrey, Carnie Wilson, and Oprah Winfrey again. Huckabee’s is the affable sort of evangelical, the kind you would like to sit down and have a cold near-beer with. However, let’s call a spade a spade. He was a fat bastard who ate everything insight and through prayer, got thin. His weight loss was dramatic; I applaud anyone who has the tenacity to loose that much weight, as well as those who are wealthy enough to pay for the surgery.

During his 1992 Senatorial campaign, somewhere between his chicken fried steak and cream gravy, Huckabee wrote, “If the federal government is truly serious about doing something about the AIDS virus, we need to take steps that would isolate the carriers of this plague.” He added “Homosexuality is an aberrant, unnatural and sinful lifestyle and we know it can pose a dangerous public heath risk.” Hello, preacher man, can I hear gluttony in the house, you hypocritical homophobic fat fuck?

Two years prior to Huckabee’s moralistic statements, Ronald Reagan apologized for his “neglect of the epidemic” while he was President. This is the man who all Republican candidates want to model themselves after. Even the first President Bush signed the American with Disabilities Act in 1990, which protects HIV positive persons from discrimination.

Considering the publics increased interest in and education on HIV/AIDS, I can’t help but wonder what could Huckabee’s plan entailed. Was he going to send us to Guantanamo Bay? Were we going to get all of our taxes that we had paid into this country back? If he was so close to Jesus that he validated his parking, then why didn’t he just ask Jesus to heal those with HIV?

The reason it doesn’t make sense is because it is moronic. Just like the fact that he now wants all undocumented workers to pay a fine, and then be shipped home, then return at a later date with processed paper work. Or like using taxpayer money to fund a marathon funeral for Reagan, a man whose presidential silence allowed thousands of people with AIDS die without uttering the word.

Sometimes it is hard to find rationality in evangelical hypocrisy and Mr. Huckabee is no exception. Today, while he refuses to recant or retract his position on isolating those with HIV, he is still skirting around a decision he made to release a convicted rapist, Wayne DuMond from prison. Since Mr. DuMond had found Jesus in prison (Mr. C seems to hang there a lot), Huckabee convinced the parole board to set him free. No isolation or quarantine for this serial rapist. Set free by the isolationist Huckabee, DuMond went on to rape and suffocate 39 year old Carol Sue Shields. One must have a pretty warped sense of morality to release a criminal, yet isolate the sick.

Given a chance on Sunday by none other than Fox News to clarify his 1992 comments, the Huckster refused to back down.. He also cited the well know case of Kimberly Bergalis, who had supposedly contracted the HIV virus from her dentist. Even though by this time, it was well documented that HIV was not airbourne and the Bergalis urban legend was debunked when we found that she wasn’t the “virgin” she painted herself out to be as she had been diagnosed with genital warts and STD’s.

Today, Mr Huckabee claims that his administration “will be the first to have an overarching strategy for dealing with HIV and AIDS” and this frightens me. Personally, I find his venomous verbiage offensive to the memory of our friends that are no longer here to call him out. I think I can speak for them when I say that Mike Huckabee may have lost weight, but he is still a pig.


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  • Matt

    I don’t think there’s anything more to say.

  • Drew

    I think too many gay people make a huge deal about so called attacks like this. It may not be considered PC, but the public at large do associate HIV/AIDS with the homosexual community. I certainly don’t agree whole-heartedly with Mike Huckabee, but I do like him very much as a person, and a politician.

  • afrolito

    I’ve never liked him.

  • dfrw

    The opinion that the public associates HIV with the homosexual community does not give the public the right to quarantine for it. Even in 1992, it was known that HIV was not an airborne virus and not so easily transmitted. I don’t understand how anyone could actually support such nonsense, comment that quarantine would be a realistic or even legal response to the nonsense, let alone write an apologist comment in 2007 for such a dated and quite frankly, ill-founded belief.

    If we’re going to start quarantining, then we might as well start quarantining people that don’t wash their hands after using the toilets because I can guarantee you that unwashed and filthy hands are far more common than HIV.

  • Lone Ranger and Tonto

    Drew thinks that gays “protesteth too much” when a Christofascist suggests a “Final Solution” for this Reich Wing bete noire, gay men and women.

    Hitler ran for office wearing a blue serge suit rather than his SA uniform in order to convince the moderates and the bourgeois classes of his “moderate approach to governance.” Once he gained power, Hitler murdered his opposition and ran a totalitarian state.

    Corporatism in either the right or center, or both-is what I have learned about reading this blog. I believe it. Thanks Comrade Perdue and whatever they call that reverend guy – their enemies on this blog have no support from us two.

  • Gregg

    Drew – even if the public associates HIV with homosexuals, that doesn’t make quarantine nor bigotry right. Quarantine would not only be horrifying and medieval, but would not work and would only encourage everyone to NEVER get tested.

    The fact that you can refer to comments like “Homosexuality is an aberrant, unnatural and sinful lifestyle” as a “so called” attack simply reveals your blindness. I doubt you could be gay and “like” Huckabee, but if you gay are then I pity your self-destructive nature.

  • hells kitchen guy

    Drew- Hitler was good to his dogs, was a vegetarian and hated cigarette smoking. He could be charming in person.

  • thegayrecluse

    On the Huckabee front, I think it’s worth pointing out that Frank Rich, generally considered the most liberal (and gay-friendly) political columnist for the NYTimes, just yesterday wrote a column praising Huckabee’s campaign as “uplifting” and “Christian” (in the ethical sense of the word). It just goes to show how even the most “liberal” columnists will sell their gay constituents down the river–fuck Frank Rich!


  • Dawster

    I Heart Jackie.

  • Heather_L_James

    Drew, seriously, someone needs to smack the taste out of your mouth and a few teeth along with it. Not PC to quarantine people with AIDS? How about downright evil? While we are at it why don’t we quarantine all the humanists and scientists infecting the country with reason and rationality? In fact purge the country of everyone who isn’t a white, fundamentalist christian.

    Ayatollah Huckabee is the most dangerous man in America right now. Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing, or you will find yourselves waking up in the christian version of Iran sometime in January of 2009.

  • Jackie

    I can tell you this… I won’t let my woman’s health clinic give me an HIV test because I have to sign away my rights as to what happens to the information should I be found positive. They are allowed to report it to “the powers that be” and even though they assure me “it’s ok”, it may not always be the case… this noncompassionate and uncaring attitude is a scary thing to see… it just seems so inhuman on such a basic level…

  • hisurfer

    One of the things that frightens me is that at least Bush pretended to be a “compassionate conservative.” These guys aren’t even bothering to keep up a facade – it’s a contest to see who can be the most narrow-minded and bigoted (all the while talking about being inclusive & deploring the acid nature of American politics).

  • Heather_L_James

    Jackie, depending on what state you live in, anonymous HIV tests are available at most free clinics. I always use the free clinic in Cleveland despite the fact that I have insurance through my employer, they actually assign you an alias when you sign in.

    The link below will give you a form where you can search the type of tests available by zip code.


  • Gregoire

    Mike Huckabee is just one slight shade paler than Pat Robertson. What the fuck is anybody reading this website doing supporting this freak?

  • ggreen

    This guy is Elmer Gantry minus the sex appeal. He’s a wild-eyed kook that appeals to folks that have to wear prescription underwear that tells them when to go to the bathroom. Just look at Hucks record its that of a small-minded say anything “preacher”. He’ just as nutty as Ron Paul. I wish Jack E. Jett would challenge Huck to a celebrity death match, I’d love to see Jack E. pound the shit out of Huckabee.

  • mike jones

    When I was on the Today show November 2006 because of the Ted Haggard story, Mike Huckabee was on the same program. He ignored me while very friendly to everyone else. I can only guess that was because I exposed his pal Haggard, or he hated me for being gay. Either way, he was rude to me. How can he represent all Americans.

  • Maggie in Texas

    Since this is a highly preventable disease, why are more funds being spent on things that are not preventable?

  • Neil

    Huckabee cannot be president! He would allow for the tyranny of the majority over the minority. He called AID’s patients a Plague?!?! He says that he follows the teachings of Jesus, you remember the part where Jesus bombed Iraq and stoned the homosexuals…oh wait I guess he is just a homophobe. Also as governor he released a rapist who then murdered two people so he is just an all around terrible person. Ok i got out my anger lol.

  • Maxwell Hammer

    It’s going to be Huckabee vs. Clinton.

  • hells kitchen guy

    Jackie: Don’t be ignorant. “The powers don’t be” don’t care whether you’re HIV positive, whether you wear a girdle or whether you fuck sheep. You, on the other hand, should be very concerned about what your HIV status is.

  • LikaStarr

    @ Jack Jett – Great article my friend ;)

    @ Drew – Go choke on a sausage, you bigoted fool!

    @ Jackie – Please get yourself tested, it’s important – your life may depend on it!

    @ Mike Jones – You’re my hero dude! But I think we know it was both reasons.

  • waterboarding4peace

    Is it just me or does Huckabee ping yer gay-dar too?

  • waterboarding4peace

    FYI ggreen Ron Paul isnt nutty. Economic reform + empathy + freedom from a corporate puppet government not to crazy sounding to me.

  • Stephen


    “I do like him very much as a person, and a politician”

    This says more about you than it says about Huckabee …

  • Drew

    Judging from some of your responses, I can say for sure that the gay community really is as catty as people think they are. I mean, seriously. You preach on about acceptance, but only when it suits you? One poster tells me to go choke on a sausage? Um, I think you have to re-evaluate your message. This is certainly not that the way to get what you want in the future.

  • Geetch

    Isn’t AIDS more common amongst IV drug users than homosexuals? We should start quarantining drug users until they repent from their gluttony and lose weight…er, stop using.

  • hells kitchen guy

    Wow, the gay community is catty? Get you a MacArthur Genius grant!

  • MplsMan

    Well said, sir!
    Glad to see the polls today that show him losing in double digits to any of the major Democratic candidates (not that most are worth voting for anyway).
    You can dress the pig in Versace (or off the rack from Mal*wart) but its still just a pig.

  • kel777

    @Mike Jones

    You rock!!

  • fastaire

    You don’t like Huckabee? Well then just shove it up your asses. You all would like that huh?

  • Rigato

    Thank you for that overwhelmingly ignorant statement, fastaire. Please leave this blog if you’re going to sit and bitch about us when we get al indignant about homophobia.

    I’m glad Huckabee has such ‘nice’ supporters

  • Jeremy

    Well said! Thank you for spelling out for us the ominous threat that holier-than-thou Baptist Huckabee poses to all honest and fair Americans. This crop of Republican candidates is struggling so hard to distance themselves from the disastrous “Dubya”, and yet their policies blatantly spell out MORE OF THE SAME. The fact that Ronald Reagan, whose despicable silence on Aids as thousands died, is a role model for anyone is beyond me. How soon we forget that he caved in like a house of cards against Iran, when faced with a near-identical hostage situation that Carter had, and in fact secretly sold sophisticated weaponry to Iran and our nations enemies–all for public relations gains. While traitor Ollie North tidied up the mess courtesy of his paper shredder. This, while running up the national debt to a level that America had never seen before, charging everything to future generations, even the yet unborn. Despicable. The only power in the presidency in the face of a devastating threat such as Aids is in the bully-pulpit–and Reagan steadfastly refused to give voice to the call for compassion and a cure–instead, he left a bloody great silence which is the legacy of his term in office. And now we have the Dubyas, and the “Dubya-wanna-bes but we’re not like him”.

    Huckabee’s handling of his religious faith in his political advertising alone is enough to sicken most fair-minded Americans. But then, he is appealing to the new breed of “Christless Christians” that America seems to have spawned. Those who see the need to discriminate against others as more fundamental than following any of the lessions of love and compassion that form the basis of Christian teachings.

    Wanna see the America’s reputation further darkened and the dollar plummet even further? Huckabee’s your man.

    Hillary, get us out of this. (Actually, I like most of the Democratic candidates, but think Hillary is the only one in the position of address that shitstorm that repairing years of Republican assaust on our nation’s honor and stature will entail. The Republicans know how to cheat, lie and defame–those are their specialties–Hillary knows what she’s up against.)

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