Huckabee Tops Romney In Evangelical Votes

Mitt Romney’s master plan failed. The former Massachusetts governor hoped to revamp his image for the right wing, but an overwhelming amount of Evangelicals prefer Iowa winner Mike Huckabee

More than eight in 10 Huckabee supporters said they are born again or evangelical Christians, compared to less than half of Romney’s. Nearly two-thirds of Huckabee backers also said it was very important that their candidate share their religious beliefs, compared to about one in five of Romney’s.

Surprisingly, only half of Huckabee’s supporters consider themselves “conservative”, as do half of Romney lovers.

Meanwhile, 60% of Huckabee caucusers say “values” are important in picking a president. They do not, however, have much faith in Huckabee’s White House odds: “…Fewer than one in 20 said they thought he had the best chance of wining [sic] in November.”

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  • abelincoln

    “Fewer than one in 20 said they thought he had the best chance of wining [sic] in November.”

    Good news. Let’s hope he gets nominated so he can be squashed like a cockroach.

    But does anyone think Obama can do it if he’s the nominee for the Dumbocrats.

    I really hate how religion is taking over government. Are there any organizations fighting to stop that?

  • Charley

    Organizations fighting to stop religion in government –

    The best one is
    FFRF (Freedom From Religion Foundation). They are the most active and challenge “faith based inititiatives” at the Supreme Court level.

  • Jay Kay

    I don’t like being ‘snarky’ but.. Jeebus would you look at the stitching on the left shoulder of that suit coat !!! I didn’t know ‘Lighthouse for the Blind’ has a men’s line of clothing.. At least when he wears it he won’t have to tell folks he’s from a rural southern state.

  • ee.em.bee

    “Huckabee Tops Romney” would be something that I wouldn’t really WANT to see, but would kinda HAVE to look at, if it was right there in front of me.

  • ee.em.bee

    …and Jay Kay, you’re totally correct. Check out the lapel stitching, too. Maybe Ol’ Ma Huckabee made th’ boy his go-to-campaignin’ clothes, just a-sittin’ by th’ fireside an’ smokin’ on her pipe…

  • feliper

    Am I the only person who thinks Huckabee sounds and looks like Gomer Pyle????? Gollllllleeeee!!!

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