Why Has Non-Profit Withheld Statement?

Hudson Takes On HRC Trans Stance

Gay activists, politicians and pundits have been weighing in on news that trans rights may be cut from the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. While nearly all major gay rights organizations have released statement insisting trans rights stay, Human Rights Campaign’s remained mum.

In a piece over at HuffPo, Lane Hudson, the former HRC employee who lost his job after outing Mark Foley as a cradle robber, takes on HRC’s inaction.

Hudson writes:

…Every major organization advocating equal rights for LGBT America unequivocally and immediately expressed their opposition to dropping the trans-inclusive language and opposition to any bill not containing the language — every major organization except for the Human Rights Campaign.

There are conflicting reports as the action they will take. Some reports indicate a split between the staff and the Board. Others indicate a split among their Board Members. Either way, their decision is critical in determining how this issue will play out. HRC comes with a lot of cash, a healthy PAC, an influential Board, and high name ID among the LGBT population. With all of these things comes a great responsibility. Their mission, as shown on their website, their building, and on their business cards states: “Working for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Equal Rights”.

That it appears they are questioning their policy of opposing the exclusion of transgender people from equality in the workplace is a very bad sign. Should they abandon their policy, they will not only abandon the transgender community, but also their own mission.

Gay politico Barney Frank also seems to be considering a ship jump. His assistant, Steven Adamske tells The Advocate‘s Kerry Eleveld, “My boss’s recommendation is to go forward with an historic ENDA bill and then, in the very near future [and] work on improving that bill”. We’ll have more on this issue later in the day.