Why Has Non-Profit Withheld Statement?

Hudson Takes On HRC Trans Stance

Gay activists, politicians and pundits have been weighing in on news that trans rights may be cut from the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. While nearly all major gay rights organizations have released statement insisting trans rights stay, Human Rights Campaign’s remained mum.

In a piece over at HuffPo, Lane Hudson, the former HRC employee who lost his job after outing Mark Foley as a cradle robber, takes on HRC’s inaction.

Hudson writes:

…Every major organization advocating equal rights for LGBT America unequivocally and immediately expressed their opposition to dropping the trans-inclusive language and opposition to any bill not containing the language — every major organization except for the Human Rights Campaign.

There are conflicting reports as the action they will take. Some reports indicate a split between the staff and the Board. Others indicate a split among their Board Members. Either way, their decision is critical in determining how this issue will play out. HRC comes with a lot of cash, a healthy PAC, an influential Board, and high name ID among the LGBT population. With all of these things comes a great responsibility. Their mission, as shown on their website, their building, and on their business cards states: “Working for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Equal Rights”.

That it appears they are questioning their policy of opposing the exclusion of transgender people from equality in the workplace is a very bad sign. Should they abandon their policy, they will not only abandon the transgender community, but also their own mission.

Gay politico Barney Frank also seems to be considering a ship jump. His assistant, Steven Adamske tells The Advocate‘s Kerry Eleveld, “My boss’s recommendation is to go forward with an historic ENDA bill and then, in the very near future [and] work on improving that bill”. We’ll have more on this issue later in the day.

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  • Bloggernista

    Piling on HRC is missing the point. The Democratic leadership is again punking out rather than standing strong.

    Barney Frank is not considering jumping ship on the issue. He already has. Frank is the go to gay in Congress and removal of gender identity would not have been done without his consent.

  • Bryan Thompson

    I agree that including the trans gender community is important and should be done but what we are facing is political reality. As someone who has worked with a number of politicians, they can only go so far even if they agree with the issue. I can see this passing but being vetoed by Bush, then passing again under a Democratic President with the full provision protecting trans gendered individuals, which would surely be passed. the movement towards full rights is, unfortunately, a slow one and must go step by step. I harbor no ill feelings towards Frank or the Democratic leadership for this.

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