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Huge Writer Savannah Dooley Would Love to Create A Show All About Gay Kids

But my dream project? I was reading a message board one time, which I should never do, because people write some really stupid things, but someone was like, “I don’t like the title Huge, I think it’s offensive. That’s like having a show with a bunch of gay kids and callling it Queer.” And I’m like, I WOULD WRITE THAT SHOW! That literally is the show that I would write, and that would be my dream project. I’m not kidding. Not kidding even a little. … That’s what I want to do. That fictional show Queer, about a gay camp. Maybe it’s across the lake. Like a spin-off.

—Savannah Dooley, the 25-year-old writer behind ABC Family’s fat camp show Huge (which we loved), on her fantasy job [via; pictured: Harvey Guillen, who plays the gay character Alistair on Huge]