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Hugh Hefner Invited West Hollywood’s Gays Over to the Mansion, And All They Did Was Bitch

Last night Hugh Hefner, of creepy old guy fame, tweeted that he was “holding the WeHo Awards recognizing outstanding achievements in the Gay, Lesbian, & Transgender community here at the Mansion tonight.” What the heck are the WeHo Awards, and why weren’t we invited to inseminate the Grotto?

Turns out the WeHo Awards, which we should probably know about, are in their ninth year of trying to “unify support for worthy causes while promoting local organizations and inspiring participation in honoring the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community’s best of the Greater Los Angeles Area.”

Apparently there are nightlife personalities in this “West Hollywood/Greater Los Angeles Area,” and they won some titles last night? There’s been zero coverage from any news outlet about this, so we’re relying entirely on Twitter to know what happened. And this is what happened: Porn websites were given accolades: “CONGRATS to all @randyblue for their win at the WeHo Awards for Best Adult Website!!!!!”

Oh, and people bitched: “Sorry to say but though this years Weho Awards were at the playboy mansion the show was a disappointment for ALL!!! No joke!!” And: “WeHo Awards cut short. Several categories not announced. Reason: No nominees were there. Even though clearly, nominees in attendance.” And: “Something fishy about weho awards producer anthony cortez. 20 co-sponsors were not allowed to enter unless they bought tickets.”

Even the porn stars were fuming: “the WeHo Awards are a sham that once highlighted the efforts of a community now dissolved into a shameful popularity contest.”

Wow. Sounds like quite a party.

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