Hugh Jackman “Stopped Paying Attention” To Gay Rumors, Still Talking About Gay Rumors

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 2.54.11 PMA romantic surprise a day keeps the gay rumors away, or so Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman wishes. The Australian beefcake shared secrets with Good Housekeeping this week on how he keeps his relationship with wife Deborra-Lee Furness fresh, and unfortunately, it doesn’t involve whips, chains, or an experimental sex tape.

“My number one rule for romance is surprise,” he says. “So much of life is about routine.”

We agree. Keeping a relationship healthy while your sexuality is routinely under a microscope can be tough. That’s why he voluntarily chains himself to his wife’s side, telling the magazine that they’ve agreed to “never be apart for more than two weeks, something that Furness initiated.”

via Good Housekeeping:

“When I met her,” Jackman says, “she’d already done about 20 movies,” and she understood distance’s effect on intimacy. “She said, ‘It’s not that I think you’re going to go off with a costar, or vice versa. But people get used to living apart. You get used to handling a problem yourself.'”

When they are together, Jackman and Furness absolutely do not entertain your excessive gay rumors. “I don’t really pay attention,” he said. “If someone’s going to spend their time saying, ‘You’re really not 6′ 2′; you’re 5′ 10,’ I’ll tell them once, ‘I am 6′ 2’. Then, whatever you want to believe, it’s up to you. We really only get mad when there’s an element of truth, right?”

Right. So why was your wife mad the last time we all talked about this?