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Hugh Jackman Will Not Take His Sparkly Pants to the Oscars


After last year’s much lauded razzle-dazzle Oscar-hosting gig, noted bisexual actor Hugh Jackman has turned down an offer for a repeat performance. Sad! That’s a blow to this year’s just-named producers, including song-and-dance gay Adam Shankman, who specializes in creating gauche-yet-relevant pop tart entertainment (see: Hairspray). Which means, yup, Tony and Emmy-hoster Neil Patrick Harris is still a possibility.

But also: Over-saturation much? While we’re fairly confident Harris isn’t going to run out of hosting steam anytime soon, his (ratings) draw is his quirky, I’m-too-cool-for-this (but-not-an-asshole-about-it) approach to these awards shows. Too much of a good thing means inundation with something that, all of a sudden, isn’t so special.