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Hugh Jackman Will Not Take His Sparkly Pants to the Oscars


After last year’s much lauded razzle-dazzle Oscar-hosting gig, noted bisexual actor Hugh Jackman has turned down an offer for a repeat performance. Sad! That’s a blow to this year’s just-named producers, including song-and-dance gay Adam Shankman, who specializes in creating gauche-yet-relevant pop tart entertainment (see: Hairspray). Which means, yup, Tony and Emmy-hoster Neil Patrick Harris is still a possibility.

But also: Over-saturation much? While we’re fairly confident Harris isn’t going to run out of hosting steam anytime soon, his (ratings) draw is his quirky, I’m-too-cool-for-this (but-not-an-asshole-about-it) approach to these awards shows. Too much of a good thing means inundation with something that, all of a sudden, isn’t so special.

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  • MistralWind

    he dressed a tuxedo to the oscars…
    and are you to decree him bisex but the whole world it’s not like you.

  • Lazycrockett

    NPH! NPH! NPH!

  • jeffrey bryan

    Journalistic integrity much? “Noted” and “rumoured” are two very different words.

  • Ezri

    Bisexual? Are you trying to be original? Well, you are not because with a lie, you won´t get too far.

  • Cindy

    Why do you say bisexual when he isn’t. Hugh is straight. Stop saying something that is not true just because you want it to be.

  • romeo

    LMAO : Hey, Queerty, do yourself a favor and be careful about your titles on some of these stories. We got enough women flying in on their broomsticks over in the Lambert threads. LOL

    Speaking of broomsticks, prepare for a tsounami. Rumor has it that Adam split with Drake. The girls are trying to manufacture a Katy Perry romance. They’re going to be all up in our ass here. LOL

  • rudy

    The moment that Jackman strutted over to the front row and swept up Anne Hathaway in his arms…

  • j

    So what is the basis of this “noted bisexuality”? A google search provided me with nothing but baseless gay rumors. Can anyone explain?

  • Robert, NYC

    So, Queerty….where do you get the “noted bisexual” from exactly? Quite frankly, who really cares if he is? I think your gaydar needs to be fine tuned or change your batteries.

  • M

    @Cindy: Hugh isn’t straight. Are you serious?

    @J: Hugh has been dating John Palmero for quite some time. John used to be director Bryan Singer’s assistant, then he met Hugh and now is working as his producing partner. Hugh has mentioned John numerous times when he has won an award, and he sometimes thanks John before his wife–John is usually seated right next to Debra. John does live with Hugh, his wife and kids.

    That being said, where Queerty got “noted bisexual actor” from is a mystery.

    But I do know Jackman is into men.

  • j

    So Hugh Jackman is in a polymorous relationship with his wife and another man and…the tabloids haven’t had a field day? I mean, tilda swinton got bucket loads of press for her’s and she’s not nearly as famous as Hugh. Not that I don’t believe you, but can we get a source?

  • Cindy

    To M.
    Gossip all made up. Not true.How do you know that Hugh lives with his wife, John and the kids? Do you look into his windows at night? I have heard many times from several sources that this is all made up and just gossip. A production partner is not a boyfriend. Hugh and his wife are the real deal.

  • M

    @Cindy: My friend has worked for Bryan Singer for years. I worked for Bryan twice myself. I know all about him and his, uh, circumstances, as well as those who work for him, including Hugh.

    Hugh Jackman’s arrangement isn’t a secret to us, but seems to be news to you and your in denial. Fine.

    Numerous columns (including this one) had alluded to this before –and, well, they are trying to tell you something that’s fairly obvious in my opinion.

    You said Hugh and his wife are the, ‘real deal.’ Okay, I’ll give you that.

    Do they love each other? YES
    Do they enjoy great happiness with one another? YES!
    Do you both care for their kids? YES
    Do you have a legally binding marriage? YES

    It doesn’t mean Hugh nor Debbie for the matter have to be straight and sleeping with one another.

    @J: This relationship isn’t poly-amorous because from I know, he doesn’t sleep with her. I’m not in the bedroom to know for sure, so I’ll just leave that alone.

    She is not in the dark about Hugh at all. And trust me, she is not the only celebrity wife in Hollywood who has this kind of arrangement with their husbands. I can’t stress that enough. She is a most devoted and trusted confidant for Hugh and is also one of his most valuable careers advisers.

  • Mark

    Excuse me queerty but back up your account of Mr Jackman being bisexual. As an Aussie this is the furthest thing from the truth. Libel anyone?

  • Ted C.

    Yeah, Hugh Jackman doesn’t strike me as a closeted gay man or closeted bisexual man. He’s too open and honest about his ties to the gay community (as a straight ally).

    I once read an interview where he said he had so many gay theatre friends back when he was studying acting that he started to wonder if he himself was gay and in denial about it. (This interview was from before he was super famous, so I don’t think it was a clever media strategy or anything.)

  • Kris

    I’ll believe his “noted bisexuality” when I fart butterflies. Who the hell really cares about this anyway? Why is this in Queerty?, is this considered a gay article? The reason they put this crap up on this site, is to get people talking. Is it true, doubtedly no. I used to work for him, please, so we are all supposed to believe “M” because “M” worked for him? Nancy M it’s time for you to retire your blogs.

  • M

    @Kris: I never said I worked for Hugh, you idiot.

  • jojococoa

    hugh jackman was terrible at last years oscar’s! i hope nph gets the gig.

  • ggreen

    I just watched parts of Australia on HBO last night. I was struck by the number of glamour shots of Hugh Jackman in the film and also there were a number of abrupt edits when Hugh Jackman was either walking away from the camera or when he was making fey gestures with his head or hands. The extreme close-ups made his skin look like it needed sanding. These kind of up close and glamour shots are usually never taken of male leads in movies. (Not since the 1930’s anyway)

    Ask Hugh or his wife if hes gay they have a very well rehearsed answer with the same cute “over heard in ladies room at the Tonys” story.

  • alan brickman

    NPH was “forced out of the closet” he is no hero of mine….would still be in it if he had his way…

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Queerty is projecting their bony asses to any dick that will take a swipe at their gelatinous holes! Classy!

  • alan brickman

    Steve Martin has delivered before and he should do it again…

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