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HUH?: Obama Won’t Stop DADT Dismissals Because … It’s Not a Long Term Solution?

Hey Robert Gibbs, listen up: Every time you stand in front of that podium, from here until Barack Obama acts to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, you should expect to be grilled about the president’s ABSOLUTE LACK OF ACTION in protecting gay men and women in the military. As this reporter points out, the president had no problem intervening to stop the release of terrorism suspect abuse photos and yet he refuses to intervene in the active and on-going dismissal of gay servicemembers.

So why not issue an immediate executive order to at least halt DADT dismissals?

GIBBS: The president, as you know, supports changing that because he strongly believes that it does not serve our national interest. He agrees with former members of the Joint Chiefs in that determination. Unlike photos, the durable solution to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is through the legislative process, and the president is working with Congress and members of the Joint Chiefs to ensure that that happens.

REPORTER: But couldn’t he in the meantime put a moratorium on these discharges until that can be accomplished?

GIBBS: The president has determined that’s not the way to seek any sort of lasting or durable solution to the public policy problem that we have.

REPORTER: How would you respond to the criticism that dismissing qualifying linguists endangers the troops?

GIBBS: I would respond by saying the president has long believed the policy doesn’t serve our national interests.

Now just so we’re understanding this correctly: Obama intervening in the release of torture photos is supposed to be a “lasting or durable solution” to the problem of U.S. officials TORTURING DETAINEES, but not stopping the dismissal of gay men and women doesn’t even help, like, keep them from being dismissed? HUH?

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