Hulk Hogan Denies Gay Rumors On Wendy Williams Show

We reported last year when Hulk Hogan’s estranged ex, Linda, claimed the Real American had a homo-gay affair with fellow wrestler Brutus Beefcake.

Well, the Hulkster was on the Wendy Williams Show last week and managed to refute the rumor in a calm and respectful manner. (And this is a guy who used to body slam people for a living.)

He told Williams:

“A lot of my friends in normal life, a lot of my friends in the entertainment business, and a lot of my friends in the wrestling business are gay. It has nothing to do with the quality of person or how nice they are and I’ve seen how they’ve been discriminated against… Just to say something spiteful and hurtful, I don’t get it.

If it was true and I was gay, I’d embrace it. And I’d tell you guys about it and I’d celebrate it.”

Aw c’mon, Hulk, you can’t leave us hanging like that! Who are those gays in the wrestling business?

Is it John Cena? Puh-leez let it be John Cena!



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  • Steve 2.0

    According to a former pro wrestling buddy of mine, there is a lot of man-on-man action in the locker rooms. You’s be surprised by the names.

  • Oh, ok.

    Guys who like to roll around on the floor together in tight little speedos might be gay?! ALERT THE MEDIA!

  • Jack

    One of the best known is Pat Patterson, who is openly gay (and was–maybe still is, I don’t know–a high ranking official within the company). As for Steve 2.0, those kind of desperate attempts for attention are tired. If you’re not naming names, then you’re just fishing for attention.

  • jason

    Saying “I’m not gay” leaves wriggle room for bisexuality. Hulk could well be a little bit bi in his orientation. Most men are. They’re just too afraid to admit it publicly.

  • MEJ

    The wrestlers you’d expect to be anti-gay because of their age–Hogan, Brian Knobbs, Vince McMahon, Mick Foley; are actually pretty pro-gay. And the wrestlers you’d expect to not be anti-gay because of their age–John Cena for example, are raging homophobes.

  • Dan

    Sorry, but I can’t believe that Hulk could be gay. However, where did Wendy Williams come from? “She” look’s like some very bad drag queen. Nothing more than a loud-mouthed so-called talent that somehow manages to barely stay on some sort of low classed TV effort.

  • Greybat

    I have worked a few WFW production crew set-ups, and was surprised at what a friendly, cool place Wrestling Culture seems to be.
    But it makes sense. It’s a sport with a great deal of theater in it, the men are trained in not just sport, but acting improvisation, choreography, and dance…I watched two men practicing dropping each other on the head, and between bashes discussing posture and timing to minimize injury, while maintaining an effective thud.
    It makes sense that the older Wrestlers would be more comfortable with their Gay colleagues and support people. I suspect the younger ones who are straight are trying to identify themselves AS straight in the midst of such a profoundly physical environment.
    Which I can understand…wrestlers are unusual looking people, but in person startlingly attractive! Must be a pheromone thing,

  • Monkeestar

    Why would we want Hulk Hogan? Let’s get someone better like John Cena, or The Rock, even better lets recruit UFC guys, now they would be welcomed additions to the gay community.

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