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“Human Ken Doll” says he was drugged, robbed, and had his teeth smashed out

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Tabloid fave Rodrigo Alves — better known as The Human Ken Doll — is highly distraught after allegedly drinking a “spiked” cocktail and being “mugged” while just trying to have himself a good, old-fashioned night on the town.

He tells The Sun he awoke groggily the next morning to find all his pretty veneers shattered to pieces and lying hither and yon all over his foofy pillows.

Reportedly, he met a group of women in Marbella, and they put a bunch of expensive drinks on his bar tab without bothering to ask.

“I got really drunk,” he says. “We got our drinks spiked, we got mugged.”

“Basically they were talking to me, taking selfies saying ‘we love you you’re amazing’ and then suddenly they vanished.”

He tells The Sun the women were prostitutes and left him stuck with a €600 bar tab (about $720).

Managers of the establishment insisted he pay in full.

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He asked a friend to help with the tab, and she discovered hundreds of euros had been taken from her purse:

“They stole €400 out of her purse and they left with me a €600 bar tab to pay.”

There was nothing I could do about it.

So I went to pay the bill and my friend said, ‘I’ll help you’ but when she went to get money out she said, ‘Oh my god those girls have taken my money too’.

They just lied – they lied to the bar staff.”

And then?

He woke up the next morning lying beside all the shattered veneers and had to make an emergency dentist visit before flying off to Milan Fashion Week.

Talking to Mail Online, he says:

“I am man-made from head to teeth, and in the morning I woke up without three of them.

I had to run to an emergency dental clinic, who were able to glue and fix my big porcelain veneers.”

The plastic surgery obsessive was recently told he needed to stop going under the knife because of health concerns.