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Human Rights Campaign Doesn’t Care If Obama Ignores Gays During State Of The Union


It’s just fine with the Human Rights Campaign, the country’s largest Democratic apologist group, if President Barack Obama completely ignores the gays in tonight’s State Of the Union address. Given that HRC’s chief flack Fred Sainz already revealed the organization’s 2011 strategy (“do nothing”), it’s not like he and his slacktivist bosses are going to expect anything from, nor push the president to do much in the way of highlighting the remaining civil liberties LGBT Americans lack.

“The State of the Union is just that,” says Sainz. “It is not an exhaustive accounting of all the administration’s priorities or responsibilities over the year.” Hah! It sort of is. But it’s also the place where Obama signals to the nation and world what his administration’s priorities are in the year to come. No mention of the gays and, well, we feel left out. Rightfully so. Adds Sainz: “There are plenty of other speech opportunities that the president has over the year. … I just don’t think that this is a speech that we should put all our eggs in this basket.” Yeah, leave some announcements for HRC gala dinners! Otherwise what are the A-gays in tuxedos going to applaud?

Or maybe Sainz knows Obama has no plans to mention things like marriage equality/DOMA in his address, and is preemptively laying the groundwork — in a pre-apology — so Obama doesn’t get attacked by The Gays for ignoring them this year. You know, because it’s not like the ongoing plight of you people is worth addressing in a speech called THE STATE OF THE UNION.

And if Obama says something about ENDA or DOMA or UAFA or HIV/AIDS? Then five seconds later our inbox will be slapped with an HRC release, tangentially reminding everyone it’s this Gay Inc. group that’s responsible for nudging Obama. Also: Donate now!

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