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Human Rights Campaign Releases Most Ironic DADT Message Yet

THE SHOT — No, this advertisement — soon to appear in the nation’s leading failing newspapers like the Boston Herald and Indianapolis Star — is not actually an instance of the Human Rights Campaign taking some responsibility for the state of DADT’s repeal in the Senate (like it being held “hostage”). You know, because of HRC’s numerous mishaps, like attacking congresswomen for not supporting repeal when they do; lying to donors about the chances for repeal; having its military mouthpieces rally against Obama’s involvement in letting gay troops serve openly; misleading the public about behind-the-scenes dealings; giving blowjobs to Democrats when they sat idly by; wasting time on targets other than lawmakers; attacking repeal advocates instead of elected officials; and generally operating as nothing more than a place to burn money. But at first glance, I totally thought it might be a spoof! Instead it’s just another of the organization’s useless bon mots, which we’ve seen before. But I guess this all makes sense, given HRC spent merely 3.2 percent of its $45.7 million budget last year on lobbying lawmakers last year, and 4.6 percent of its (smaller) budget this year. These ads are HRC’s way of getting The Gays to do its work for them.

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