Human-Rights Court Says European Countries Not Required To Offer Same-Sex Marriage

We always thought Europeans were more evolved than the Colonies, but the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) made the same bonehead argument against marriage equality as American opponents, ruling this week that if gay and lesbian couples were allowed to marry, “any church that offers weddings will be guilty of discrimination if it declines to marry same-sex couples.”

The Court was hearing a case involving a lesbian couple who had been denied the right to adopt a child in France because, in legal terms, they were not a couple. In its verdict, it stated that same-sex marriage is not a human right: “The European Convention on Human Rights does not require member states’ governments to grant same-sex couples access to marriage.”

While this is a setback for marriage advocates on the Continent, the ECHR isn’t affiliated with the European Union and, hopefully, this ruling won’t affect the current push for gay marriage in Great Britain.

Source: Think Progress. Photo: Fred Schaerli