moth to a flame

Hundreds of Spain’s Gays Gather At Sagrada Familia To Hear Pope Call Them Disgusting

Sure, there were plenty of homosexuals kissing outside the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, but a little kiss-in didn’t stop Pope Benedict XVI from launching an assault on Spain’s same-sex marriage laws.

“God is a God of peace not of violence,” the pope told his audience of thousands from the never-going-to-be-finished church, which the pope consecrated as a basilica. Outside, 200 gays were snogging while holding signs reading things like, “Homophobia. Hypocrisy. Corruption. Confessional state. Paedophilia. Vatican bank. NO THANK YOU.”

The trip was a chance for the pope to denounce secularism, which apparently is ALL THE RAGE in Spain. And for the second time in a week, he took a jab at you people: “The generous and indissoluble love of a man and a woman is the effective context and foundation of human life in its gestation, birth, growth and natural end.”

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