Kissing To Be Clever

Hundreds Participate In “Kiss-In” To Protest Supermarket’s Homophobic Staffer

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Whether battling homophobia, book bans, or frump-a-dump Kim Davis, kissing has proven to be a surprisingly effective form of protest.

Case in point: Saturday’s well-attended “kiss-in” at Sainsburys, a supermarket in London that made headlines last week after one of its security officers told a gay couple that holding hands inside the store was inappropriate.

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As Towleroad reports, 32-year-old Thomas Rees and his partner Josh Bradwell were “beckoned over” by the security guard while grocery shopping.

According to The Guardian, the couple was floored by the sheer amount of people who showed up last weekend to show their support:

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“The number that turned out was absolutely insane, we were not expecting this at all,” Bradwell said.

“We were right to be holding hands because when someone questions your behaviour in such a direct manner you can’t help but analyse how you are perceived by society,” said Rees.

“When your community come behind and say ‘you were right and you are right’, all that does is amplify your feelings. We were right to complain and do what we’ve done and fight those people who said we were wrong.”

At least one member of the public shouted at the group to “get off my street”, but the protesters were undeterred.

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Watch highlights from the kiss-in here:

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  • Curtispsf

    Sounds like it was NOT homophobia on the part of the store, just homophobia on the part of one of the security agents who are “outside” contractors. Kudos to the store for welcoming the protestors and for providing milk and cookies.

  • DDstar1me

    Sometimes I wish I was one of those gays that did things like this. The “gay community” has never showed me any kindness sooo…oh well.

  • MacAdvisor

    @Curtispsf: “Outside contractors” are still agents of the store and under their supervision and control.

  • Kangol

    @DDstar1me: Are there any gay political or social action groups near where you live? I bet at least one of them would welcome your participation. I have participated in many pro-gay marches, kiss-ins, education organizations, etc., and my experience has been that there’s always at least 1-2 friend gay people who’ll welcome you if you’re open and actively participating.

  • MediaGuy

    When I read that “hundreds participate” in kiss-in, I knew for sure it wasn’t held in the states. Americans are bull sh it when it comes to these kinds of things.

  • GayEGO

    @MediaGuy: It depends on where you live, the South is the most opposing but I would be surprised for it to be a big deal in Massachusetts.

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