Hunky ‘Daddyhunt’ Star BJ Gruber Rejects Labels, Embraces Protein

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If you’re gay and have a heartbeat, you probably caught the adorable webseries Daddyhunt: The Serial earlier this week.

And chances are, one of the two hunky stars — or the thought of them fumbling around a first date — made you swoon a little.

U.K. site GuysLikeU got extra bewitched by the younger actor, BJ Gruber, and tracked down their new crush.


Here’s some of what he had to say:

On his sexual identity:

I’ve identified as bi and as straight. More recently, I’ve decided not to identify. Why? One, it doesn’t matter and two, because I have witnessed many individuals letting their sexual identity control and limit them when sexuality should be an expression of freedom and love. I’ve seen this happen at both ends of the Kinsey scale. It doesn’t matter where you land. Just don’t let it control you.

On realizing he was into both sexes:

I grew up thinking I was completely straight, and then met boys I was interested in as more than friends. I felt weird about it. I didn’t understand and my parents had always told me if I had a choice, choose to be straight but they’d love me either way. They met boyfriends. They were kind. It was ok.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 9.41.50 AMOn the reaction his label-free approach gets:

People don’t understand the open mindedness. Many people need the labels to feel safe. To be part of something. I understand it, and if it helps you keep it. But don’t let it own you.

On his current relationship status:

I am seeing a woman. She’s a rockstar. She’s the coolest person I’ve ever met. She’s the one. Allison Ann Kelly is my hero and best friend.

On how he keeps that insane body:

I eat a lot of fruits, veggies, protein powder, eggs and bacon. I also love Thai. I work out 6 or 7 days/week. I compete in CrossFit and weightlifting.

You can read the full interview here.

Here’s some more BJ from his Instagram:

A photo posted by BJ Gruber (@bjgruber) on

A photo posted by BJ Gruber (@bjgruber) on

A photo posted by BJ Gruber (@bjgruber) on

A photo posted by BJ Gruber (@bjgruber) on

A photo posted by BJ Gruber (@bjgruber) on

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  • Masc Pride

    Wow. One of those rare occasions where you like a guy’s views just as much as his physical appearance. This guy is pretty close to a perfect package. Will definitely be checking out Daddyhunt.

  • Bauhaus

    Let me guess, he doesn’t identify as a man, either; just human.

  • SteveDenver

    @Masc Pride: Agreed! I was telling a friend that Aaron Schock, the disgraced GOP pol with the worked out bod, was ugly any way you bend him.

  • Stached1

    So why doesn’t he just come out as bisexual then since that’s what he is? I have noticed that the ‘no labels’ crowd are extremely homophobic and biphobic, have a lot of self loathing, and will use pretty much any term to avoid actually acknowledging that they are bisexual, or gay/lesbian.

  • darkanser

    @Bauhaus: I knew it wouldn’t be long before those remarks of his would strike some serious nerves!!…;-)

  • tr6886

    I agree. I dislike those no label crowd. If you really insist on no label, you should’ve avoid label of gender, religion, or origin. Do those no label crowd want to remove those labels. I guess no. This demonstrates his either homophobia or biphobia.

  • Glücklich

    I want to know more about (and see lots more of) the guy who played the intrusive “ex.” He’s SMOKIN’ hot.

  • Brian

    “Gay” has become a word of control. It used to be a word associated with liberation but today it’s become a word of control.

    I applaud men who don’t identify their sexuality using words like “gay” and “straight”. It must be said that gay-identifying men are the worst when it comes to self-identity. They are obsessed with identities.

    It’s as if gay-identifying men want to assure themselves that the men they are dealing with are potential pick-ups. Sad.

  • Masc Pride

    @SteveDenver: Hmmm…I wouldn’t exactly kick Schock out of bed. There’s room for both. The more the merrier!

  • bjgruber

    @Bauhaus: You’re 100% right. I like to think of myself as an amalgamation of water and star stuff.

  • Captain Obvious

    I really wish I hadn’t read the “no labels” crap. It’s like they’re so afraid of the word “gay” that they have to diminish it any way they can.

  • n900mixalot

    Ugh, noncommittal hipster douche alert. “It’s not cool to be so cool, man, so just you know. .. be cool …” Yuuuuuck. Feck off you and your wicker hand crafted bike.

    Poster above is exactly right though. These people have fallen victim to the word “gay” and now “gay” is a bad thing. Well, to eff with that. I’m gay and I don’t give a feck because I know what I want and I’m cool with myself, and I’m committed to myself, not some wishy washy go with the breeze clone.

    Main stream actors. Zero sense of self. Dumb as bricks and empty vessels to be filled with someone else’s vision. I guess being vapid can be a talent.

  • bjgruber

    @<[email protected]n900mixalot: I’m glad my degree in artisanal under water basket weaving hasn’t gone to waste. Check out my Etsy at Bjgruber. No refunds. No exchanges.

  • Tracy Pope

    BJ Gruber isn’t being hateful and seems very comfortable with who he is. Good for him. A lot of people just can’t stand to see someone so unaffected by it all. They seem weirdly driven in their effort to define others.
    Fun little web serial from the people at Daddyhunt app btw. Definitely my type – both of them ;)

  • ronald91

    I don’t think this is a bad thing maybe he’s more fluid you know, I don’t feel offended I’m a men who is bisexual , you know it’s part of who I am not all, I support marriage equality, transgender rights and other things. I mean it’s important for you to know your own true.

  • Jim Philbrick

    Now his parents will be happy … He found the woman he wants to be with for the rest of his life after getting guys out of his system… Yawn,, gay baiting actor trying to make it in the biz

  • Stached1

    @Jim Philbrick: This is biphobia but I’m not surprised someone as hypocritical as you is a bigot. He’s said he’s bisexual and there’s nothing wrong with that despite what bigots like you will claim.

  • am

    He’s a cute guy and everything, but to me he sounds exactly as hypocritical as gay for pay pornstars. They sell products (porn) to gays, so they all are “kinda bi-sexual but not really, because they all have girlfriends and committed”. He too is just a body that is used to sell a product, nothing more.

  • bjgruber

    @Nyruinz: make sure you check out my IG at bjgrubermelonbutt for more pics!

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