Hunky Gay Aussie Bobsledder, Unlucky In Love, Won’t Marry Till It’s Legal Down Under


You remember Simon Dunn, right? The former rugby hunk turned bobsled hunk also known as Bobsleigh Simon? Well, as a refresher, here he is extolling the virtues of his “bum” for Attitude‘s “Naked Issue”:


The 27-year-old recently spoke with the Brit mag about his love life, which is complicated by his training schedule and the gay scene (or lack thereof) in Calgary, where he’s since moved from his native Australia. Though gay marriage is legal in Canada, Dunn has no plans to marry until Australia gets its act together:

“I am working so hard training so that I can make it to the 2018 winter Olympics. But one day I would like to meet the right guy, settle down and have kids. But I will only do this when I can get married in front of friends and family in my home country. If I can represent that country in sport I should be able to marry the person I love. I can’t believe that now the US has passed same-sex marriage, my country still hasn’t caught up with the rest of the world, which makes me angry. The law needs to be changed as soon as possible, otherwise we’ll look as bad as other countries who treat gay people like second class citizens.”

Not that he has any potential dudes to pop the question to, anyway, since his heart is still on the mends from a rough breakup:

“We lived together, but to be honest the scene came in between us and we broke up for about a year. In that time I joined the Convicts [a gay rugby team in Sydney]. We ended up getting back together. We didn’t argue, but then he was offered a dancing job at The Moulin Rouge in Paris. I didn’t want to be that boyfriend that stopped him chasing his dreams so I let him go. It was so tough but we now have grown even more. He’s still in Paris and I’m in Canada. You can’t love someone and then stop them being who they want to be!”

Dunn recently launched a YouTube channel where he shares facts about himself while being generally adorable and scantily-clad.

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