Hunky Gay Character Slated To Return To The CW’s 90210

Walking work-of-art Trevor Donovan hasn’t exactly confirmed that his character Teddy Montgomery will make it into the next season of The CW’s 90210, but the network has said he will.

“I said I would come back for an episode if they agreed to make it black and white, and silent,” Trevor joked to Zap2It about coming back to the show. (What an Artist reference, Trev!)

The CW has confirmed the beautiful blond man’s return but asked Zap2It not to reveal any of the specifics. She was allowed to say the following: “We can only tell you that when Teddy reunites with an old West Bev classmate, he’ll face a life-changing decision.”

The last we saw of Teddy’s character was in November when he moved off to Washington with his boyfriend Shane.

Click through for some photos of Nordic stud Trevor/Teddy looking like a stone cold fox.

Source: Gay Star News via Zap2It. Photo via 90210