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A hunky trans man & sexy lesbian nurse are finalists in PETA’s sexiest vegan competition

Chancellor Rose Partington
Chancellor Rose Partington

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are predominantly known for media stunts — like its ad comparing meat eaters to Jeffrey Dahmer — but the group recently announced that two of its finalists for its annual Sexiest Vegan Next Door competition are LGBTQ: a trans male model named Chancellor Rose Partington and a lesbian bloger named Jasmine Nakasone. And no, this is not a stunt.

Partington, who goes by @VeganPittieDaddy on Instagram, works at an emergency veterinary clinic and as a model. In fact, he’s the first transgender model to sign with the modeling agency that represents him. He’s also Jewish, which affects his views on animal cruelty.

“What was done to the Jewish people from whom I descend is the same horrific treatment endured by nonhuman animals today,” he says. “My grandfather’s tremendous courage gave me life. I see it as my moral duty and honor to dedicate it in service to those less fortunate.”

We’re not so sure about comparing Holocaust victims to caged animals, but that’s definitely on-brand for PETA. Regardless, PETA says that Partington “frequently speaks about animal rights and LGBTQ+ issues at conferences, in college classrooms, on community television and elsewhere.”

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Let’s take a second and enjoy some of Partington’s Instagram pics:

PETA’s second LGBTQ-identified finalist is a licensed vocational nurse Jasmine Nakasone. She’s married to her wife of five years, has a daughter, two adopted dogs and runs a vegan lifestyle blog entitled Love Always, Jasmine.

Jasmine Nakasone
Jasmine Nakasone

She became vegan after watching PETA’s video “Meet Your Meat,” and says, “If you don’t have equality in one aspect of society, then you can’t expect it anywhere else. That’s what a vegan lifestyle is about for me — a way to help make sure everyone is treated right, including animals.”

Interestingly, these aren’t the first LGBTQ-identified people that PETA has ever worked with. In 2012, two of their “Sexiest Vegetarian” contestants were hunky gay men, and in the past they’ve worked with Drag Race champion Sharon Needles, reality show performer Austin Armacost and lesbian actress Jane Lynch.