Hunter On Awakening, Weed Heads

Hunky actor Hunter Parrish has been hard at work rehearsing for his new gig in Broadway’s Spring Awakening, the Duncan Sheik scored adaption of Frank Wedekind 1891 play.

Of course, the Weeds actor hasn’t been too busy to embrace his local publications, like New York, with whom Parrish recently chatted about reclaiming his beloved stage, awkward sex scenes and the tribulations of being on a show about drugs:

I was in L.A. like five months ago and someone yelled from across the way, “Hey, where the weed at?!” …The number one question I’m asked is, “So do you guys smoke real weed?” And I’m always like, “Really?!” We live in L.A., but it’s not like we have medical marijuana cards.

Yeah, but you could at least have a drug dealer. And people say celebrities are glamorous. As if!