Hunter Parrish Bares It

Finally! After months – and, sadly, years – of waiting, we finally got to see Weeds hunk-a-hunk Hunter Parrish’s tush on last night’s episode.

As you may or may not know, his character, Silas, has been flirting with the MILF next door. As you can see above, they do a bit more than just flirt in the Showtime series’ latest installment.

See some more semi-NSFW pictures, plus an M4M spoiler, after the jump…







What?! The DEA honcho’s a secret homo?

[Images via superherofan]

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  • Paul Raposo

    Top caps? Nauseating. Bottom caps? Two G4P actors kissing the way only straight boys can–badly and completely devoid of emotion. Now compare the two series of caps and then ask why I feel that only gay actors should play gay.

  • HL

    Oh Hunter…

    Lovely way to start my Tuesday. Thanks Queerty.

  • The Milkman

    How are the top caps nauseating? I’d eat out a dozen housewives if it would mean that my back would look like that.

  • hell's kitchen guy

    I don’t watch the show but they look pretty convincing here. Some fags are so heterophobic!

  • mark

    it’s a nice tush, but it isn’t his best feature, turn around in a future episode.


    Paul has a point, they do look emotionless. I wouldn’t go so far as to say the top caps were nauseating but why couldn’t they have had to men in the top caps positions. Whenever they present gay men it’s either completely flaming or in an unappealing show of affection.

  • Jaroslaw

    what is a top cap?

  • blayne

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  • martymartymarty

    Perhaps their seeming “lack of emotion” could be part of what is going on in the scene between the characters and not a failing on the part of the actors?

  • kablamo

    My housemate and I thought it was a body double.

  • Alan down in Florida

    “Maybe you can meet your life partner of the day there.”


  • blayne

    I just noticed the spam message I was mocking above has since been deleted. Though my original message isn’t as funny on its own, I’m glad to see the spam is getting deleted.

    Oh…and Hunter Parish is still way hot!!

  • Spear22

    It’s true, many str8 actors get stiff and uncomfortable doing gay love scenes. I’ve seen it a million times as I was a department head on the American series of QAF shot here in Toronto. Then there is a worse level, like Will Smith demanding a body double after refusing to kiss another guy playing the gay character in “Six Degrees of Separation”.
    Luckily there are str8 actors like Antonio Bandaras who gives his lover the most unbridled, passionate kiss in an Pedro Almaldovar film. He did some of his earliest work with Almaldovar and before insaw that film I was NOT a big fan of Antonio, but after seeing him let go of all his inhibitions and be a gay man, not just act the part, I gained a huge amount of respect for him. It’s the hardest thing for an actor…to
    just let go of everything and be that person/character.

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