Dear God

Her Husband No Longer Wants To Have Sex So He’s Gotta Be Gay–Right?!


When once-languid kisses turn into robotic pecks, lonely lovers are left to lie around and ask, “Why?”

Well, one such lonely lover took matters into her own hands by requesting the wisdom of her local advice columnist, “Dear Annie.”

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“He does not like to be touched,” she writes to Hutch. “There is no cuddling. We don’t have sex. There is nothing.

Married for eight years, “Lonely” assures “Annie” that they had truckloads of sex before tying the knot.

But since saying “I do,” they don’t have any sort of physical connection. 🙁

I long for an intimate relationship. Whenever we had sex, it was because I initiated it or complained that we never had sex. It’s been eight months now and I just don’t have it in me to try anymore. And he obviously doesn’t miss it.”

Well, this “Annie” columnist doesn’t offer much in the way of advice, and decides to sadistically stoke the fires of the young woman’s anxieties instead.

Like an evil “best friend,” she offers an increasingly hysterical glut of “What if’s…?”

Does your husband have other redeeming qualities or does the lack of intimacy trump everything else? Has he had a physical checkup? It could be a hormonal imbalance like low testosterone, or erectile dysfunction. Is he asexual? Is he gay and using the marriage to stay in the closet? Is he depressed? Has he lost interest in you? Is he having an affair?

Is he a serial killer using her as a beard? Is he a spooky ghost only she can see? Is he screwing “Dear Annie”…?

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“Annie” suggests the beleaguered wife should confront her aloof buzzkill husband with her concerns, weirdly advising, “Don’t be coy…”

Ask him directly about each of these issues. You can offer to accompany him to his doctor to discuss it. You can insist that the two of you return to counseling to sort this out. But if he refuses to talk about the problem and will not seek treatment of any kind, your decision is whether you are better off with him or without him the way he is.

Perhaps she should sit him down and show him a copy of the “Dear Annie” column. That should get him going.