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When husbands make a web series: ‘Michael & Michael Are Gay’

Michael Rachlis & Michael Feldman

What happens when two husbands, both named Michael, decide to make a web series about their big gay, life together? You get the hilarious, smart, dark, sexy, and weird series Michael & Michael Are Gay. The show takes a surreal look at the lives and misadventures of two sex-positive, same-named husbands. Follow the nerdy, anxiety-ridden protagonists, described in the series as “two little Woody Allen’s who fell into a vat of creatine” as they battle a parade of obstacles (both real and imagined) while trying to make their marriage work in a not-quite-post-equality world.

Inspired by the lives of its creators – Michael Feldman (AP Bio, Peacock) and Michael Rachlis (Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job, Adult Swim) – the show is an inside look at two offbeat heroes nervously upending gay stereotypes while reinforcing others. If Broad City and Curb Your Enthusiasm met up at a gay rave… well, you get the idea. The #Queerties nominated series’ features Kit Williamson from the Emmy-winning series EastSiders, Andy Bean (Power), Matt Cook (Man with a Plan), Cloie Wyatt Taylor (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), Drew Droege (Search Party), Kimrie Lewis (Single Parents), Jimmy Fowlie (The Other Two), Tina Huang (Arrow), Dakota Greene (EastSiders), and Navaris Darson (Will and Grace).

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