HX Boat Brawl!

It sounds like things go a little too wild at the HX Magazine party last night. We were meant to go, but got distracted by the Lily Allen concert at Hiro. While Ms. Allen was great and all, it sounds like things were a little more interesting on the Hudson.

Celebrating their 15th year as New York’s first gay weekly, CEO Matthew Bank and Publisher Gary Lacinski chartered a boat for staffers and 250 of their closest friends.

It was smooth sailing, so to speak, until a drunken employee decided to punch HX publicist, Len Evans, in the face. As if that’s not enough, as the boat cruised back to shore, said employee went at it with Bank, who fired him on the spot.

While party-goers disembarked back at shore, cops took the now former employee away in handcuffs. Our sources say he’s out on bail and has already cleaned out his office.

Something tells us he won’t be getting unemployment…