I’m Not A Gay, But I Play One On Screen


Like any homo or het with an open mind and good taste would, we just loved Brokeback Mountain. Both Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal were so utterly convincing as gay lovers. Some people (let’s call them managers, agents, and PR people) worry that audiences might find them a tad bit too convincing.

The PR person’s job gets much easier when male and female co-stars fall in love and have a baby together. He’s straight!

But what do you do about that other (single) gay cowboy? Why you have him affirm his heterosexuality in interview after interview, occasionally dropping hints that he’s definitely a tits man!

His PR people work overtime:

The actor concedes that the most exciting moment during filming was when Anne Hathaway, as a rich girl out to lasso a husband, exposes her breasts to him. “Months and months of repression,” he says, laughing, “and finally … “

We’re just thankful Jake and his people isn’t overdoing it the way a certain toothy, Joey from Dawson’s Creek marrying religious leading man does.

And if you ever do decide to play on our team, Jake, we’ll be waiting.

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