“I Am Not a Nazi Skinhead,” Proclaims Out Actor Cheyenne Jackson

cheyenenajcskon tatto1Whether Cheyenne Jackson’s seemingly overnight transition from respected Broadway thesp and unofficial gaylebrity posterchild to mustachioed, tattooed rough trade is for a role, a post-rehab image change, or the most epic midlife crisis ever seen from an openly gay actor, one thing that he wants you to know is that he is “not a Nazi skinhead.”

Seriously. That is a real thing that he said on the record.

The Behind the Candelabra actor made the statement in an interview with Frank DeCaro on Out Q on Sirius XM satellite radio. Along with the prepared statement detailing his divorce from husband of two years Monte Lapka as “amicable” and “private,” he tells DeCaro that he decided to speak out because the coverage of his divorce in the press and the gay blogs was “getting a little ugly.”

Now that all questions concerning the symbolism of his shaved head and any ties to white supremacist ideology have been presumably put to rest, we can move onto the questions we really want answered: is it true he’s moved to West Hollywood to live with a boytoy he met at rehab?

Unfortunately, he didn’t address his rumored new relationship, instead preferring to assuage the broken hearts of those who are disappointed by the end of his marriage.

“I know that our marriage meant a lot to a lot of people,” he said. “That’s not lost on me and I respect that.”

Whether or not he’s lost his mind remains to be seen.