François Sagat

“I am obsessed with my own muscles”


VIEWPOINTS — “I can’t say that I don’t like [the attention] but I think it’s too much. Too much for what it is. I understand if someone is a fan of Tina Turner or Cher. But being a fan of a porn star? I can understand the sexual obsession of someone because it’s a desire but being a fan of all the movies you have done, remembering which movies you did when and with whom, and what kind of beard I had in this particular film, that I don’t understand. But an obsession of the new Beyonce video and the choreography, the outfits, that is another story. That I do understand completely. … I am obsessed with my own muscles. I used to be this shy little boy. I am going to show you a picture of me when I was fifteen. You are not going to believe your eyes.” —Porn star, model, and cultural phenom Francois Sagat on obsessions [Interview]