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“I am the last person to judge [gays]. My image of God is… Dad. Dad loves everybody and you work it out with Dad”

SOUNDBITES — “I am the last person to judge [gays]. My image of God is… Dad. Dad loves everybody and you work it out with Dad. … Let’s leave marriage alone.” —Glenn Beck, whose job it is to say shit that pisses people off, relaying his “cool with gays, not not their marriage quest” stance to Barbara Walters (via)

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  • Pazmateo

    And any good father would want for his children to be happy, and be able to marry whomever they choose, regardless of gender. A father wouldn’t think twice about fighting the sick injustices gay people face everyday. Glenn Beck needs to shut his fat, piggy face, and choose his moronic words a little more carefully.

  • headbang8

    Hmmm. Divorced parents. Mother dies under mysterious circumstances. Suicide of his stepbrother. Catholic school. Do I detect a childhood of abuse and neglect? Is it any wonder the guy has daddy issues?

    Hey, Glenn. Don’t let your psychological problems interfere with my life.

  • tavdy79

    Glenn Beck, if your image of God is “Dad”, just bear in mind how many children are abused raped and in some cases killed by their fathers or step-fathers; how many teenagers – many of them gay or disabled – are thrown out onto the streets each year by their parents; and how many teens and adults have to deal with emotional blackmail from their parents, in some cases so severe that they are left with no choice but to cut off all contact completely.

  • Joe

    Poor Glen, he was trying to fit in. We all have faults
    none greater than the other to different ppl. Let karma
    sort it all out, hey look around – how’s ur karma today!

  • Bunny Snuggles

    God (Dad) is a child abuser who can’t decide whether to either drown or burn his children alive (The Deluge, Sodom & Gomorrah)…then he fucks a virgin (Mary) out of wedlock and (just like a dead-beat dad) makes another man (Joseph) raise his kid (Jesus).

    He also has a long and spiteful memory. The only thing he ever forgot though was to remind Moses to write down his 11th commandment:


    Bad Daddy…bad!!!

  • terrwill

    Methinks this Glennie has some serious Daddy issues…..

  • terrwill

    And if you actually know the history of Glennie he was
    just another morning shock jock who’s ratings were tanking
    really badly. He then changed his entire schtick to become
    a rightwing-nutbag lunatic. And lo and behold he becomes
    a “powerful force” for the right. The only thing that is
    motivating this blowhard is the almighty dollar……….

  • Alexa

    My dad wanted his children to be happy, and he didn’t treat my straight sibling and I any differently. He wanted the same things for both of us, saw no difference between us just because one was straight and one gay. Like any dad he wanted to see his daughter get married one day, and it pisses me the hell off that he didn’t live to see it happen because of assholes like Glenn Beck.

  • Fantabuloso

    I may be the first one to go against the tide. For a Fox News pundit, while known for his right-wing image, Glenn Beck does come off as open-minded, given the circumstances. If you want to find a figure of hate, NBC has Pat Buchanan.

  • Gary

    Why is this insane asshole’s opinion even listed here? Why should ANYONE give a fuck what Glenn Beck “thinks”?

  • meltelly

    God is the last thing we need to work out anything with. I think we need to work on the unconstitutional verdicts against us, appalling levels of homophobia in our politicians, and flippant attitudes about us.

  • Attmay

    You mean like that cult he belongs to left marriage alone and traded it in to get statehood for Utah?

    My image of the Christian God is Satan in disguise. He asks you to accept evil things and consider them good.

    As for a real libertarian who is on our side, John Stossel has about 150 IQ points on this piece of ex-junkie Mormon filth.

  • Cam

    Don’t you love it when bigots try to pretend that they aren’t? Hey Glenn, Your Mormon religion doesn’t really have a good history with “Leaving Marriage Alone” now does it?

  • Brandon

    He thinks Daddy is god?!

    That explains SOOO much about right wingers point of view.

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