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I Didn’t Know My High School Boyfriend Was Gay

Perhaps Margaret Cho said it best: “Fag Hags are the backbone of the gay community.”

And now we have our delightful memories documented on a blog. Charmingly empathetic for all of those war torn fruit flies out there who spent their formative years tongue kissing us gay boys in our pimpled adolescent glory, My High School Boyfriend Was Gay is like an international queer year book.

The blog creator and editor, Damian Bellino, takes careful note to caption these delicate moments with comedy gold like, “Cale and Ashley were wiped out after too much Indigo Girls and Sarah McLachlan” and “Lip-syncing the shit out of the Grease Megamix.”

Lord knows, we’ve all been there.

A few weeks ago InTouch Magazine ran a story (sorry, in print only) which proves that this is more of an epidemic than something that just happened to you and your unfortunate gal pal. So we encourage you to come out and be proud of those moments. Dig through your photo shoebox and find that tragically heinous haircut pic where Sandra-Jo is squeezing the life out of your underdeveloped homo booty on the dance floor and submit it to the blog.

And by the way – you may not have known your high school boyfriend was gay – but everyone else sure did.

Photo credit via My High school Boyfriend Was Gay