Benoit Denizet-Lewis

“I do regret reporting further confirmation of the name of [Tiger Woods’ sex addiction] treatment center”

SOUNDBITES — “I did not ‘break’ this story, nor would I have. With that said, I do regret reporting further confirmation of the name of the treatment center. As a person in recovery, I should not have confirmed the name. I am in awe of anyone with the courage to confront and recover from their addiction. If my posting and the subsequent media coverage of it affected anyone’s ability at this facility (or at any other) to recover anonymously, I am deeply sorry. Still, I will continue to speak out publicly about sex addiction (and other addictions) in venues where I believe I can help people, affect change, and lessen the stigma that surrounds this topic. In an effort to correct popular misconceptions about what goes on inside a treatment center for sex addiction, I will also continue to talk about the reality of what treatment is like. Now, more than ever, we need voices who will publicly counter the knee-jerk mockery and derision that so often accompanies discussions of this addiction and who will challenge people who speak and write about this issue without knowing the first thing about it. It’s easy to be flippant about sex addiction. It’s harder to cover it with intelligence and a modicum of respect. My hope is that we can get there.” —Literary hunk and frat fetishist Benoit Denizet-Lewis on how he didn’t out Tiger Woods as being in sex rehab, something he knows all too well about [BD-L, via)