“I Don’t Like Mens No More,” Vine Goes Viral For Too Many Reasons To Count

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 1.59.44 PMLooks like all those ex-gay therapists may have been on to something after all, because here’s definitive proof that someone can renounce their homosexuality and live a proper Christian life free from the sins of sodomy.

Or on second thought, perhaps there’s just a smidgen too much fervor here.

“I DON’T LIKE MENS NO MORE,” this saved soul proclaims as he embodies set up, joke and punch line all in one short video clip.

The real question is: Did he pick out that truly confusing bow tie before or after he was washed of his all gayness?

Take a look as this Vine that’s taking the nation by storm:

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  • footwork61

    That’s one of the fanciest bowtie/pocket square combinations I’ve ever seen.

  • Kieran

    He also assures the congregation that he no longer has the desire to wear a purse or make-up no more. So that proves beyond all doubt he’s been cured.

  • 10or

    I have nothing but pity for this young man. How brainwashed he must be to say these self-hating things about himself and to act in such a manner.

    My distain is reserved for the jubilant congregation, that dances with joy that this young man has been “saved”, but I wonder how many are going to offer their unmarried daughters or sisters for him to “date”. <>

  • Xzamilio

    Yeah… but let’s keep ignoring how religion is the culprit here. Obviously stupid people exist, but I’d love to see one gay atheist just out of the blue announce they are no longer gay.

  • 1898


  • money718

    I’m just glad people are waking up to this nonsense. Mens? Where the hell is he from?

  • Saint Law

    The way he holds that mic tells a different story.

  • ka_1984

    He “don’t like mens no more!”… until he opens his mouth and the penis falls out. o_O

  • ka_1984

    @10or: Agreed. Self hatred is a very sad thing indeed.

  • Tackle

    I’m surprised that people are perplexed by the word ” Mens”. It seems like Queerty and other gay outlets are trying to make fun of him for usage of the word mens. Well the jokes on YOU. It’s an old gay Black southern slang term that I have not heard in a long time.

    When people say, or I should say when some say That “I don’t like mens anymore.”
    It means I don’t like ( d!ck, penis or mens privates). It is the same when at times I have heard some of my gay friends say, “I don’t like womens” i.e.(pu$$y).

    So if that is what he ment, or is saying, he’s correct. And let go on record and say, I love mens! And know it should be men’s/women’s. But I’m writing it the way Queerty and others posters wrote it.

    That being said, a similar thing happened to me around his age. But not with a congregation or public forum. And after making a declaration like his, I was back to liking (mens) within months. I know everyone is different, but I don’t believe he’s that much different than me at that age. He just still has a ton of religious baggage, and he feels accepted and wanted by the crowed (special)and he’s caught up in their energy. In time, his sexual predisposition:natural mental and emotional sexual outlook, will prevail.
    And to deny this, I believe he will be a very miserable person.


    Parochial gays! SMH. I’ve heard “mens” lots and use it (ironically) as often as is indecently feasible..and I’m in the UK.

  • Ogre Magi

    One of the many reasons to hate christians

  • DrDennis

    What we need to realize is that religion puts a person in a vunerable position. I was in that position and I know. I came out to my wife and the Mormon church forced me into gay to straight therapy. Well that did not work. Some of us just have a more convoluted path. Religion is definitely to blame though and this should be outlawed if was the church or his family that forced him into this.

    I pity this man and all those that fall into this predicament.

  • corey

    Why dont they ask Jesus to teach him proper english.

  • Shannon1981

    ‘Mens’ is black gay slang. That being said, this is really, really sad.

  • Mr-DJ

    I don’t know if I like “mens” either. This guy should explain to me what that is first. I DO know that I like men, though.

  • Mars414

    “Speak for yourself, Miss Gurl”, said his openly gay jacket, bow-tie, and pocket square.

  • Kieran

    @Stache99: The sad part is “In Living Color” probably got an award from some gay group for “increasing the visibility of gay men” on television.

    Meanwhile, these continuous mocking stereotypes of gay men in the media, under the guise of “comedy”, have done more to keep men closeted and ashamed of identifying as gay or bisexual than probably anything else.

  • Tackle

    @Stache99: That clip is still funny, twenty five yrs later.Yes the word ” mens” has been around and been used… But I guess it shouldn’t surprise me since it’s more
    of a cultural thing. I have used the term Weho in front of my straight friends, and they don’t know what the hell I’m talking about…

  • davenbill

    @Saint Law: OMG ROFLOL. No, you didn’t.

    • Stache99

      @Kieran: Comedies still regularly use gay men for laughs. Last time I went up at my families place we watched allot of comedy and gay men were regularly joked about.

      I was actually ok with the jokes. As long as their done well and not some cheap way to get a laugh. Some were really funny. I only was uncomfortable because my family was. They would get quite.

  • IvanPH

    That bow tie begs to disagree.

  • 1dizzy1

    So, like now he’s a lesbian?

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