‘I Love My Boo’: The Anti-Homophobia Campaign That’s Gonna Plaster NYC With 2 Guys Kissing

I’m not sure which contribution to positive visibility I’m loving more: “I Love My Boo,” an anti-homophobia campaign that’s now popping up on NYC subways; or JD, a cop, and Alan, a former Marine staff sergeant, two fellas keeping this country safe who happen to be gay. EVERYBODY IS JUST SO ADORABLE!

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  • mcc

    love this

  • Black Pegasus

    They look sexier when their mouths are closed.
    I don’t like nelly men.

    And good job @ Queerty for posting this a day late.. UGH!

  • D.R.A.

    This is adorable and wonderful. Good for them.

  • scott ny'er

    they both were great. Very positive stuff.

    the i love my boo guy in the pink shirt. I love him too!!!

  • t money

    the “i love my boo” ads were an HIV/AIDS social marketing campaign from a while back. it was thru GMHC. good campaign. its great to see bus ads of these guys kissing eachother in the middle of harlem.

  • SG

    Really cool, great concept. And very cute guy in the purple t-shirt.

  • jason

    The sight of two men kissing is wonderful. It challenges both conservatives and liberals.

    Another sight that is wonderful is that of a diesel dyke. Diesel dykes with crew cuts or skinheads – perhaps with a line of two-inch tails down the back to give the hair a mullet-like appearance – is another wonderful sight. It scares the shit out of both conservatives and liberals.

  • Michelle

    I guess I could respect Perez Hilton’s contribution more if he didn’t spend the rest of us his time making money from basically being a “mean girl”. If you don’t think hounding celebrities and spreading rumors about them via a blog that is read by millions is bullying, then what is? Take a kinder approach toward others if you want to set a true example.

  • Layla


    Dammit, I love my community so much. I was feeling shitty today and now I don’t even care. It will get better. Fuck my family, I don’t care if they hate me for who I am, their loss.

    I love you mothereffers so fucking much. All of you, the entire gay community, you are my solace, and a home away from pain. Never change.

    kisses and hugs to you all

  • Hot Guys

    I love this post.

    I feel bad for the staff sergeant. He looks very uncomfortable, watch him clench and unclench his fist. Great cause though, good for them.

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