Hugh Jackman

“I love sex, it’s great”


VIEWPOINTS — As if we needed another reason to swoon over a certain movie star: “I’ll never forget kissing a guy on stage [in The Boy From Oz] and someone from the crowd shouting, ‘Don’t do it, Wolverine!’ I don’t waste time or energy with it. I think there’s far too much importance placed on people’s sexuality anyway. I love sex, it’s great, but it’s not the measure of love or a relationships. And whether you like girls or boys, whether you life the light on or off: Who cares? I always find sexuality one of the least interesting things about a person.” —X-Men Origins star Hugh Jackman, whose sexuality we find one of the most interesting things about him [to Entertainment Weekly]

Plenty of other reasons to fantasize about Jackman follow:

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  • Pragmatist

    Well that’s a curious statement.

  • Alec

    @Pragmatist: The Oscar performance did nothing to dispel those rumors.

  • Shawn

    He’s dreamy!

  • rogue dandelion

    @Alec: I feel like if he was worried about rumors he wouldn’t have kissed a man on stage or hosted the gayest oscars ever.

  • Sampson

    My guess is that Hugh Jackman has no issues with sexuality whatsoever. He may prefer women but can happily camp it up with the rest of us. I don’t think this is complicated, except perhaps to those who think that to be a proper heterosexual you must find all things gay distasteful.

    I do notice, however, that we seem intent on suggesting that people are either gay or straight. If there was any ambiguity to his sexuality wouldn’t that make him bisexual rather than gay?

    Unless he’s a hypocrit, I’m willing to take him at face value: a very happily married man who grew up with a love of musical theatre and is comfortable with his sexuality.

  • Latebrosus

    @Sampson: yes. Sometimes it seems gays are more militant about sexuality than almost anyone else.

  • nikko

    Of course we are, LATERBROSUS, and why not? We have been ignored, fired, bashed, killed, etc. What’s not to be bitter about?

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