I Only Take Advice On The Consequences OF Repealing DOMA From Pastor John Hagee

Newt Gingrich’s solution to all those social conservatives he alienated by being a big slut while still married is Pastor John Hagee, his new BFF who is whispering soothing hymns into his ear. So what if Hagee claimed the gays caused Hurricane Katrina because of their sinning? Certainly not Newt! But Hagee isn’t done with you gays: Now that there’s all this momentum to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, he’s calling such a move a “a declaration of war against traditional marriage in America.” How come? Because repealing DOMA is going to lead to polygamy! (An argument to which I always respond: Yeah, so?) “Liberals believe they know better than all of the people from 31 states” who voted to ban gay marriage, says Hagee. He is wrong. Liberals believe they know better than all of the people from every state.

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  • robert in NYC

    Its clear this cherry-picking right wing religious bigot and hypocrite doesn’t know the old testament.

    In Deuteronomy 21:15-17 it clearly shows implied approval of polygamy (a straight invention), as it is a law governing the inheritance of the children of polygamy.

    In Numbers 12:1-15 it also shows implied approval, as Moses took an Ethiopian women as his wife, but no one complained that he already had a wife; they complained that she was not an Israelite. Apparently, God punished the complainers, but showed no dissatisfaction with Moses for marrying a second wife. It doesn’t seem to have bothered him at all. He appears to have approved of Moses’ decision.

    In the seconde book of Samuel, chapters 11 and 12, the Lord gets mad at David for stealing another man’s wife, when the Lord had already given him many wives. Obviously the Lord condoned polygamy, if he gave David his wives.

    Our bias against polygamy is just a cultural thing – it has nothing to do with religion. The Romans depised polygamy, and the Roman church therefore discouraged it. The Jews themselves didn’t stop the practice until 1100 AD.

    By the way, I’m an atheist but arm myself with a basic knowledge of the bible, both old and new testaments to throw this back at these bigoted, hypocritical bible thumping scum.

  • Sceth

    ‘Twould be a waste of time to point out how wrong he is on the law, but ‘twould be just wonderful were he right.

  • Steve

    @robert in NYC: Good for you. Personally I like to point out that the Pilgrims refused to conduct marriages and were also communists.

  • Keith for Full Marriage Equality

    “Because repealing DOMA is going to lead to polygamy! (An argument to which I always respond: Yeah, so?”

    Thank you! That’s the right answer. Adults should be able to pursue their rights to love, sex, and marriage with any consenting adults.

  • B

    No. 4 · Keith for Full Marriage Equality wrote, ‘”Because repealing DOMA is going to lead to polygamy! (An argument to which I always respond: Yeah, so?’

    The answer to ‘so’ is, “Just think what a joint tax return would look like!” After the IRS gets through with it, only a masochist would want more than one spouse!

    BTW, QUEERTY’s headline got it wrong – he never said that. Otherwise I’d be more than happy to give him advice on the consequences of repealing DOMA (it’s just that it would be advice he obviously doesn’t want to hear).

  • robert in NYC

    Steve, thank you. Also, I’d like these bigot preachers and other bible thumpers to provide the evidence where same-sex marriage in the five states that have it, has led to polygamous marriages. Holland, the first country to legalize SSM more than a decade ago, hasn’t recorded one incidence, nor have the other nine countries. This is way beyond being a red herring, its nothing more than homophobia and hatred of gay people, not what I would call the “christian” thing to do, but then none of these people really are “christians”. From what I know of the new testament, Jesus Christ never once mentioned gay people let alone judged them or alluded to them in any way, shape or form.

  • Bill

    I love 1:23 when he says “Like the state of Massatuchetts.” Never heard of Massatuchetts, but I did grow up in a state with a similar name: Massachusetts.

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