Edgar Garzon's Alleged Killer's Not Guilty Plea Gets Killed By Testimony

“I Saw Anti-Gay Murder,” Says Witness

A witness delivered damning testimony against John McGhee, the man accused of murdering 35-year old Edgar Garzon for flirting with him.

Christopher Ricalde took the stand Monday and swore that he saw McGhee punch Garzon, who fell to the ground, at which point McGhee kept punching him. The subsequent blows slammed Garzon’s head against the concrete. “[McGhee] gave him a right hook right to the head. [Garzon] bounced off the floor twice.”

When Queens DA Karen L. Ross asked Ricalde if he heard anything, Ricalde answered in the gruesome affirmative, “Yeah, thuds”. Ricalde also testified that he heard McGhee and Garzon arguing, but could only make out one sentence: McGhee yelling at Garzon, “No, get the fuck out of here. I don’t do this.”

Detective Daniel Corey, who arrested McGhee at JFK after McGhee returned from London, also testified, saying that McGhee asked him, What am I looking at? Three, four, five years?”

Nope, McGhee: you’re looking at about twenty-five.