“I smelled the sulfur from the gunpowder and heard another BOOM…”

Witnesses continue to come forward after this weekend’s shooting at a gay-inclusive Unitarian church in Tennessee.

The kids over at Out & About received an exclusive account from Carla Lewis, who was there when Jim Adkisson came in firing. This excerpt picks up right after Adkisson fired his first shot:

My mind tried to register the sound. I was thinking, “Did a speaker explode? Did I hear a prop gun? Did something go wrong?” and as soon as that thought left my mind I smelled the sulfur from the gunpowder and heard another BOOM and then BOOM. I left go of Jaime’s hand and stepped around the corner just as John Bohstedt tackled the shooter. Immediately two others were on top of him.

In the minutes leading up to when the police arrived Jaime and I saw children with escorts looking for their parents. We saw children and adults with blood on their clothes. We saw the worst side of human cruelty we had ever seen. We knew people had been shot but we didn’t know who.

We eventually gathered with the rest of the church family on a hill behind the sanctuary. Most of the children were in safe hands at the Second Presbyterian Church next door. While we were congregated together I noticed our friend. She is a transgender youth. She told us that Greg, her foster father, had been hit. That really hit home.

Scary, scary shit…