Bob Morris

‘I still think it’s a good moment for gays in this country’

SOUNDBITES — “But I’m sorry. I still think it’s a good moment for gays in this country, who can now get legally married in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont and Iowa, with New York state heading in the same direction. And if I had to choose between California being able to maintain its same-sex marriage laws last November or the election of our current president, I’d pick the latter. I don’t just want a better world for gays. I want a better world for everyone, and I like to believe that we now have a president who wants to steer us in that direction. Yes, we may be in an economic depression, but if a troubled economy helped to get us a nuanced thinker in the White House, a man who symbolizes such hope for America’s minorities, well then, I’m willing to take the good with the bad for now.” —Bob Morris, who lives in New York City but has a valid marriage license from California [Salon]