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I Would Like to See Pentagon Leaders Publicly Answer the DADT Survey

The Pentagon soo didn’t mean to imply it was considering separate housing and bathing facilities when its spokesman discussed possible “facility adjustments” after the repeal of DADT. Now he says “no one is considering ‘separate but equal’ bathing or living facilities for you know, gay and straight troops. That’s just not ever a consideration.”

You know what’d make this a whole lot easier? If the Pentagon stopped being so cagey about all these things “under consideration” and simply laid out the specific things it’s considering changing. Or, “adjusting.” Instead of different barracks, are they going to put an extra wall up in the shower stalls? Or maybe a sign, next to the one about what to do in a choking emergency, explaining appropriate and inappropriate behavior around homosexuals in the shower?

Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell, who does not have an easy nor enviable job, meanwhile doesn’t have much to offer in the way of guaranteeing this is all going to end well. “You’re gonna have to take us at our word on that,” he says in regards to what will happen if the survey results come back and we learn most soldiers can’t stand homos, and some of the Joint Chiefs push to keep DADT. In which case: Is it so unreasonable that our military leaders take this 32-page DADT survey themselves, and release the results? You know, just so we know if any of them believe to be serving alongside homosexuals, or whether their own morale suffers because of The Gay.