I Would’ve Heard About The Pope’s Warning Over Social Networking Sooner If He Tweeted it

When Pope Benedict XVI warned Catholics on Monday about the pitfalls of social networking — “It is important always to remember that virtual contact cannot and must not take the place of direct human contact with people at every level of our lives … [social networking services] urgently demand a serious reflection on the significance of communication in the digital age” — he was aware the world’s largest pedophilia ring maintains at least six Twitter accounts, right?

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  • Harbo

    Oh, God, not him again!!! When will this aging Hitler Youth realize he is no longer relevant. He is so far removed from reality it’s both pathetic and tragic. I ask you, would you take advice from a man who wears red Prada shoes? Really now.

  • Jason

    Can’t see what this post is doing here. (Beside the gratuitous, silly, bigoted, beside-the-point reference to pedophilia.)

  • Andy

    “gratuitous, silly, bigoted, beside-the-point” sounds Catholic to me.

  • Jason

    @Andy: And yet you clicked on the article.

    Remember the bigotry test, kids…replace one word with any of the others, and if you say it for one, you’re just as bad as if you say it for any other: Muslim, Jew, Christian, Catholic, Mormon–you name it.

    No getting around it.

  • ewe


  • Jason

    Ewe, c’mon now…cut yourself some slack. You’re capable of reform, after all!

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