IA Gov. Terry Branstad Wants ‘To Treat Everybody With Fairness,’ But That Doesn’t Include Gays Marrying

Well, I think the court made a mistake… Well, I want to treat everybody with fairness and equity, but I don’t think that includes meaning that people of the same sex should be able to be married. I don’t want to discriminate or treat people in an unfair manner, but this is something that is a new right, that never existed before and one certainly that a vast majority of Iowans don’t think was appropriate to be done the way it was done. I think the people of Iowa should have an opportunity to vote on that issue. … This is an issue that should be decided by the people. And my problem is with the Legislature not letting the people vote on it, and I think a lot of people felt very frustrated because they did not get an opportunity to vote on it.

—Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, who went from refusing to comment on the Iowa Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling to railing against it, makes it clear he does not include gay Iowans in his version of equality [via]

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