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Ian Baynham’s Alleged Trafalgar Square Murderers Face Their Courtroom Fate

Murdered last September in Trafalgar Square, Britain’s late Ian Baynham, then 62, might finally see some posthumous justice: The teens accused of beating him to death in a drunken rage, after he called them out for screaming homophobic slurs, are finally facing their murder trial.

Ruby Thomas, now 18, stands accused of calling Baynham a “fucking faggot” before the beat down (and after Baynham supposedly slapped Thomas in the face for calling him names while he walked with partner Philip Brown), while Joel Alexander, 20, landed the punch to the head that knocked him to the pavement and caused the brain injury that led to Baynham’s death. Another friend, Rachel Burke, then allegedly joined in on the beating, kicking and stomping on him; it appears she is not involved in the same trial.