Ian Somerhalder Comes Within Biting Distance Of Paul Wesley On EW Cover

Not since True Blood‘s blood-splattered menage a troi Rolling Stone cover from 2010 have we seen such a lusty threesome as on the new cover of Empire Weekly, which teases us with the sexy cast of that other fang-banging drama, The Vampire Diaries.

The magazine released three different covers for the collector’s issue, but its this one that makes our blood run hot. And don’t think it wasn’t shot with an eye to the gay market. If you fold it over like an old MAD Magazine you pretty much get Ian Somerhalder naked in bed with co-star Paul Wesley. (No offense, Nina.)

Somerhalder’s never been shy about showing off his rockin’ body. After starting out as a model, he’s become a natural at taking his clothes off in shows like Lost and Tell Me You Love Me. After the jump are the other shots from the EW spread, plus some choice images of Somerhalder as TVD‘s Damon. Good thing he’s not really a vampire or he’d never show up in photos!

Click through for images of Ian Somerhalder and the cast of The Vampire Diaries

Photos: Ruven Afanador, Bob Mahoney/The CW









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