Ian Ziering Returns To Chippendales, Plus 8 Other Men We’d Like To See Take It Off On Stage

Hubbah, hubbah! Beverly Hills 90210 star Ian Ziering is set to return to the Chippendales stage this summer and we couldn’t be happier.

The 50-year-old hunk will once again flash his bulging biceps and washboard abs at the Rio in Las Vegas. Ziering made his Chippendales debut last summer. He is scheduled to host the show again from June 12 through July 19 to help promote his new SciFy channel original movie Sharknado 2: The Second One, which premieres July 31.

We can’t say we’ll be tuning in for his new made-for-TV movie, but we’ll definitely be checking out his live show, and we’ll be sure to bring a handkerchief because it’s sure to be hot, hot, hot!

Check out these 8 others studs we’d love to see strut their stuff at Chippendales. 

Joe Manganiello

Mr. Manganiello is perhaps the epitome of a Chippendales stripper with his beefy bod, masculine features, and serious dark gaze. Besides producing the male stripper doc La Bare, he’s already proven he’s got the moves himself in the film Magic Mike. Maybe after True Blood wraps later this year he’ll be looking for a career move? Here’s hoping.

Zac Efron

It wouldn’t be a Queerty post without mentioning our current boy crush, Zac Efron. Sure, Mr. Efron may be a tad young for Chippendales — the male revue tends to skew older with its models — but we’re pretty sure nobody would mind.

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum has never been shy about his stripper past. Before hitting it big, he used to perform at nightclubs as “Chan Crawford.” Like a true character actor, he could draw from his past experiences each night when he took to the Chippendales stage.

Idris Elba

We love us some Idris Elba. So tall. So dark. So handsome. He is the paragon of man. The mere thought of sticking a $100 bill into his g-string has us in a puddle on the floor. We almost can’t handle it.

Ricky Martin

When it comes to potential Chippendale models, Ricky Martin is a triple threat. He’s got the three B’s: body, biceps and buns, with the dance moves and a super cute face to boot. Just for kicks, the 42-year-old Latin superstar could strut his stuff to old hits like She Bangs or Livin’ La Vida Loca.

Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto recently impressed us his shirtless selfie posted to Instagram. We knew the man was hot, but we had no idea he was that ripped. Now that we’ve had a peek, we’re dying for more. We’d tip him extra if he’d be willing to drench himself in creamy white milk like he did in the picture above.

Shemar Moore

Sexy Shemar Moore always leaves us begging for more. The Criminal Minds star is no stranger to teasing us with photos of his man bits on the beach. Instead of always giving away the goods for free, he may as well start charging. We’d be more than happy to pay.

Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz had everyone reaching for the box of Kleenex in January when a very revealing photo of him surfaced on the internet. The photo turned out to be doctored, but by the time we learned that, the spell had already been cast. We’ve been drooling over the blonde-haired, blue-eyed beefcake ever since.


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  • ted72

    He’s 50 years old? Damn! Hot for an older dude. I’d date him without a second thought

  • carey579

    ^ The question is – would he date you?

    Anyway – love Chippendales – and can’t wait for MM2!

  • Billy Budd

    Images of beauty and decay. 50 is too much. Way too much.

  • Throbert McGee

    How old are YOU, Billy Budd? Are you planning to self-euthanize when you hit 30, like in Logan’s Run?

    On an unrelated note: Sheesh, what kind of topsy-turvy world are we living in where the Zacharies Efron and Quinto are the hairy bears in this photo montage?

    I realize that some men are just naturally “smooth”, and that’s cool. But I’ve touched a lot of naked men in a lot of J/O Clubs and other venues, and my fingers can tell the difference between the ultra-fine body hair on “naturally smooth” dudes of different colors, and the dolphin-y skin of “naturally hairy” dudes who decided to have their perfectly nice fur removed with wax or lasers.

    And to me, a furry chest is just really really nice to snuggle against, and all that body hair is a tactile delight even if it’s not “immaculately manscaped” from a visual perspective.

    P.S. Hey, Queerty, no love for Scott Bakula in Looking?

  • carey579

    @Throbert McGee

    You are entitled to your taste but a shaved chest is much much better imo.

    There is nothing better than a smooth glistening wide shapely pair of pecs <3

    Why would one want to cover that with hair? It looks ugly/feels annoying irritating and you can't even lick/suck them! O_O

    Anyway I guess the hairy men are not in this montage (very surprisingly since it's Queerty) because they're not the body types most people want to see as strippers.

    PS – I'm beyond glad and grateful to Steven Soderbergh for casting the perfect downright sexy men for MM.

  • tardis

    Wow, he looks great for 50!

  • Billy Budd

    @Throbert McGee: I am 39. I am old too. It is just that I think that chippendales is an activity that should be performed primarily by younger guys, It is just my opinion. If a 80 yo wants to return to chippendales, I won’t be able to prevent him from doing it. Please explain to me why 90% of the supermodels are young.

  • DarkZephyr

    @carey579: “^ The question is – would he date you?”

    Why is that the question? This is a blog full of pictures. Its entertainment. Let us have our little fantasy comments without trying to make us feel bad. Are you *ever* nice?

    Also I guess I will never comprehend guys who have such rigid, unbending tastes. I don’t ONLY like hairy chests and I don’t ONLY like smooth ones. I appreciate the beauty of both. While it IS true that you can get some fuzz in your mouth if you try to suck a nipple on a particularly hairy chest its also fun to run your fingers through it. Its so masculine. But yes, a smooth chest is fun to lick and suck. They both have their appeal to me.

    @Billy Budd: He is incredibily beautiful at 50 and that is what matters. I don’t think he looks “decayed” at all. He looks good for someone of any age. Ageism is one of my biggest pet peeves in the whole world.

  • carey579

    @DarkZephyr – ‘ While it IS true that you can get some fuzz in your mouth if you try to suck a nipple on a particularly hairy chest its also fun to run your fingers through it. Its so masculine.’

    A man running his fingers through another man’s chest – yes soooo masculine -__-

    LOL Some gay guys really crack me up!

  • TVC 15

    @carey579: Yes, it is masculine when a man does it. Just as it is feminine when a woman does it.

    Is it feminine when you run your hands on the “smooth glistening wide shapely pair of pecs” that you prefer? Does it make you feel like a woman?

    @carey579: “Why would one want to cover that with hair?” Some men are built that way, and some of us appreciate that.

  • Tackle

    @Billy Budd: I see what other posters mean. You DO have a problem with age. Thank god you are over there in
    Brazil. We have enough of the (ism’s) here (US) [email protected], sexism, and for you, ageism. Your ageism sucks. And you probably are in denile of it, and would never be happy and content with yourself as you get older. And the reason why 90% of the supermodels are young is because of mindsets like yours.

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