Libby Post advises less activism, more thinktivism

“Iceberg Politics” Could Lead to Titanic LGBT Disaster

goldwater2.jpgLibby Post’s latest column uses last weekend’s Donnie McClurkin gospel fiasco as another example of gays gone amiss–and she’s not talking about McClurkin. Posts Post:

We’ve been out organized because we’re always looking at the short term, always getting angry at our latest savior for not being exactly on cue, always focusing on political purity rather than pragmatism… Unfortunately, our myopic perspective may just leave us with a federal judiciary that will have a much more negative impact on our future than whether or not Donnie McClurkin sings Obama’s praises in the south.”

Citing the recent confirmation of controversial conservative judge Leslie Southwick to the U.S. Court of Appeals, Post derides LGBT activists for a history of falling prey to distractions while opposing politicos strategized the long-term power-plays that form the foundation of everything gay activists are fighting against today.

“Iceberg Politics” [PageOneQ]