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    Maggot Gallagher just choked on her chocolate chip muffin….. :-p

  • robert

    She isn’t the head of state – she’s the head of Government.

    Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson is the President of Iceland and therefore head of state.

  • Alexa

    Congratulations to them both.

  • dvlaries

    I’d love to see someone try to say those two names five times fast after several drinks. [img][/img]

  • ForeverGay

    Congratulations to Johanna and Jonina.

  • jeffree

    Furðulegur! Wonderful news Jóhanna & Jònina! Congrats!

    If you decide to have a cermony, may I suggest Jonsi of Sigúr Rós perform the music rather than Elton? :-D

    It will be probably a century or two before the US gov’t has a same-sex couple in the White House….if ever.

    Kinda sad, eh what?

    p.s. Sorry if I messed up the accents. I tried!

  • neil

    she sort of looks like diane keaton…

  • Chitown Kev

    Is it me, or does Madame Prime Minister’s wife look like Anne Rice?


    The king of Cambodia is also gay

  • axon

    The names are not that difficult. Sigurdardottir means Sigurd’s daughter, and Leodottir means Leo’s daughter. Had they been male, the last names would have ended with -son.

    This is an old Nordic tradition that has lost it’s meaning in the Scandinavian countries, where for example Andersson is a last name that goes to both sons and daughters. Hence all the Petersons, Andersons, Johnsons etc in America!

  • jeffree

    @Chitown Kev: By jove, I think you got it! I kept trying 2 figure out who she looked like — and yep it’s Anne Rice. The PM herself looks a little like Dame Helen Mirren…..

    BTW: we were in your neck of the woods a couple weeks ago buying art supplies at Blick near the movie theater and getting pizza at Whole Foods on Chicago Ave.! The library sells books for 50 cents, wow. Fun town to visit. i am sure we were the only people in E. not carrying a re-usable grocery bag !

  • Mark

    She’s not a head of state…

  • Layla

    If I had any hope in hell of speaking/understanding the language. I would move there. All I hear are good things.

  • ron

    NO she is not the head of state you fucking amateurs. The president of Iceland is the head of state. Take a Poli Sci 101 for fucks sake.

  • Alpha

    Cummon guys. Prime Ministers are never the Head of State. They are the Head of the Government. It means they have all the political power but they do not hold the highest honorary rank in the country – which is the Head of State. It is different in US where the Head of State and Head of Government is the same position – the President.

    Eg: In UK the Head of State is the Queen who by convention does whatever the Prime Minister ‘advises’ her to do. But the wife of the Prime Minister is never called the First Lady.

  • BK

    Who the hell clicked “fail” for this post? Even if the facts might be a little wrong, there’s nothing “fail” worthy about this!

  • jeffree

    Two spam posts got by but my comment from 29 June about AnneRice, Helen Mirren is still held in captivity.
    Yes, Q’ty is sinking.

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