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Icelandic Subway Sandwich Artist Won’t Serve Footlongs To Pink-Wearing Homos

A Subway restaurant worker who refused over the weekend to serve a customer he believed was gay was fired. And it sure sounds like we missed a lovely showdown!

A Reddit user translates an Icelandic news report:

What it says in the news article is that a group of people that work together went to a Subway to grab a bite to eat. A foreign man was working and said in English, “I don’t serve gay people,” and asked someone else to serve the gay man wearing pink. The group was outraged and a gay man pointed out how would he feel if someone refused to serve him for not being Icelandic. The group went to eat elsewhere. This happened during this weekend. This morning [Monday] when the head of Subway In Iceland was contacted he said he was truly sorry about the incident and that the employee has been fired and is not allowed into Subway anymore.

He didn’t serve the man because he was wearing pink, and that automatically makes you gay? Just a small suggestion to the remaining Subway workers: When your head of state asks for a six-inch cold cut trio, don’t make a fuss. [photo via]