Icons: Kate Bush

Kate Bush

Kate Bush is the iconic singer who simply vanished from the face of pop music more than 10 years ago. Today her fans are saying their prayers; she releases a double album entitled Ariel in November.

Bush’s cult following is akin to Tori Amos and Bjork, two women who note Ms. Bush as a musical influence. Before Bush there was no cultish, mythical figure in music. Our icons were disco divas(Donna Summer), singer-songwriters(Joni Mitchell), grand stage dames (Judy Garland), and R&B songstresses(Diana Ross). Ms. Bush made it acceptable to be a little strange. And gay men loved her for it.

Her records are unique and experimental and every one of them critically hailed. Most women in rock today have been influenced by her and even Colplay’s Chris Martin said he tried to capture the rhythm of her hit Running Up That Hill on his band’s latest single, Speed of Sound. We cannot wait for return.

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